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Colts vs. Jax



A lot of problems with this loss. Obviously, good getting out to a lead in first half, that's about it.

MJD? Everyone knew he was going to have a good game, couldn't stop that. Not disappointed though because like I said, we knew that was going to happen.

First, why is Pagano challenging that INT? He was obviously out of bounds, just a complete waste of timeout when one was needed in the 2nd half. Who told him to challenge that? Look at it once, and you'd know.

Second straight week we come out with a lead in the 2nd half and just can't do anything. Like with Peyton, we're a better team when playing from behind. All of a sudden we have a lead and we're too conservative. Running the ball too much and then one incompletion to end the drive. Act like you're losing and need points. Just stupid. Come out some points.

Third, Vinatieri is just upsetting. I don't know how many times he has missed easy FGs for us. Already has two on the year. Make that one against Chicago, it's a different game. Has had plenty throughout the years though. He is not as good as everyone thinks, let's just leave it at that.

Fourth, how about those no calls? Reggie just getting blanketed, no call. I think it was Avery on that deep ball, nailed before the ball gets there, no call. I mean, that could be the game right there as well. Had to punt after that. Considering there was a ton of call this weekend and in this game, those two weren't called. Terrible.

Fifth, didn't even try to go for more at the end, just going for a FG. Come on. Three straight runs didn't cut it. I know Brown almost got the first down, but still. If you get that first down, the game is over.

Sixth, We can not trust our defense. I don't know the last time we actually could. Won't even comment on that last Jags TD. Gabbert is not good. Constantly overthrows receivers, cannot run a drive. He is 3-0 against the Colts. That is pretty disgusting.

Needed that win.

Bye week then Packers. If we can't stop Gabbert, good luck with Rodgers. If we let Luck loose, there is a chance though and if Freeney is back. Maybe...

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Only problem is Luck was cut loose with lots of time to throw and he was very Inaccurate, Freeney IMO will be Average at best. GL

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