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    <p>Love Jesus Christ, God, and my family more than anything else!! Bleed Tar Heel Blue and Love the Colts!! Live in Alaska!! #TarHeelNation #TeamChrist #BuildTheMonster</p>
  1. 90 tackles last season and did so missing 3 or 4 games. Love this trade
  2. http://marshilllions.com/sports/fball/2014-15/bios/goode_denzell_xgpg
  3. ESPN is ahead of NFL Network if you're watching on there
  4. Nah, but I'd be fine with trade a fairly large amount of picks for him.
  5. Suh would be a monster on our defense. Big time piece for a title run imo.
  6. I've grown up on Peyton. He is the GOAT imo. I wish him well if this was his last game and will truly miss watching him play. I really hope he comes back and retires as a Colt. Thanks Peyton
  7. I lived in Alaska for a couple years and used DirecTV which worked fine.
  8. I think we missed Butler today
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