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  1. 90 tackles last season and did so missing 3 or 4 games. Love this trade
  2. http://marshilllions.com/sports/fball/2014-15/bios/goode_denzell_xgpg
  3. ESPN is ahead of NFL Network if you're watching on there
  4. Nah, but I'd be fine with trade a fairly large amount of picks for him.
  5. Suh would be a monster on our defense. Big time piece for a title run imo.
  6. I've grown up on Peyton. He is the GOAT imo. I wish him well if this was his last game and will truly miss watching him play. I really hope he comes back and retires as a Colt. Thanks Peyton
  7. I lived in Alaska for a couple years and used DirecTV which worked fine.
  8. I think we missed Butler today
  9. Hopefully the coaching staff can "purifoy" his bad habits
  10. Look at it this way. If we sign mack to an offer sheet and the browns match, we have a decent backup plan. If not, we have a very solid backup. It's a win-win.
  11. Costa could be brought in for depth as he can play C and G.
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