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  1. Colts O-line needs help

    1. HungarianColtsFan


      IMO it was OK, when both Shipley and Holmes were in in the 2nd half. Luck had days to throw then.

    2. BrentMc11


      I agree with HCF.

  2. I agree, a solid O-line is a must have for this off season. Seems like Colts every year are having a O-line carousel. You lose continuity switching players that often through the season, nice to see guys step up but great teams have a solid line that start every week together. Wayne has a undisclosed torn triceps injury that no one has talked about, with a banged up elbow and a knee surgery....I think OLD boy could use a week off to get him healthy for playoffs, good luck getting him off the field though. Either way he will step up in the playoffs....REGGIE!
  3. Gordy from what I heard had a rough day.....(blacked out in my area, Lake County... thanks Dish...had to watch scoring plays on Redzone) anyways I think colts have nearly 4 mill in cap space still....looking at Tolers injury history and Davis being banged up I think it would be a solid pick up for the rest of the year and playoffs. Butler looks great sometimes and gets burned at times too! Colts rely on corners alot so we need to be healthy in that area. O-line may need help after today also.
  4. Excited to see this game, hopefully a good one. I think the Colts easily should be 3-1 this season, Pep kind of cost us that one vs Philly......Colts also had the chance to win vs Denver, I personally feel pretty good about the team this year. If they can just play a whole game and not worry about changing there game plan like the Philly game(running the ball to waste the clock). Lots of team do that also, that is what almost gave us the Denver game. You still need first downs, if you get them you waste MORE clock. I realize it you don't want to make a mistake with picks or incomplete pas
  5. I hope the Colts come out firing, the run first offense has seemed to always put us in a hole, the comeback wins are when the coaching staff let Luck loose. I still believe in our run game but if we keep putting T-Rich/Bradshaw in predictable formations defenses are gonna eat them alive.....more play action, and running from the gun. Colts have had some success in the no huddle also. Pass first then run seems to work better in recent years, let's actually play/control the whole game from start to finish. GO COLTS!!!!
  6. I just read that he does not get any $, since he retired. So NBD, hopefully address this issue with a solid veteran for a 2 year deal. Draft another, and keep grooming Holmes and player to be named.
  7. He also got paid $450,000 guaranteed money...... I did not like the signing when it happened, now I really hate the signing. $500,000 cap hit for a player not on the roster.
  8. Colts will be looking for another center, as Costa thought it was his best interest to retire. Hopefully we can find a actual center this time.
  9. He had the Redskins, Giants, Falcons, Bucs and obviously the Bears looking at him. Saints only had 2.7 mill of cap space and had to free some up $ and supposedly they felt like they had depth there. Again I am not saying la Peunte is the best....Costa is just unproven, just like RJF, Walden, Toler, Landry (all of which have underperformed for the money)...those are the signings that drive me nuts, when Grigs has a check book and a hole to fill. Grigs has made some GREAT signings in 2 years and I love a lot of them, but some make you scratch your head. You win some and lose some.
  10. I realize la Puente may be somewhat overated, but he has much more experience and SUCCESS. Costa has only started 20 games in 4 seasons, so he may have an upside. I jam just a little frustrated with not making the center position the first hole to fill. Luck has been getting to much pressure, and I would have a little more talent surrounding him that's all. la Puente.....Pro Football focus rating.....+6.1(2013) +23.0 (2012) +6.1 (2011).....also the line won 2 Madden Most valuable Protectors Awards in 3 years. started 32 games the last 2 years. Costa.....(26 games his whole career) who
  11. Bears sign top 5 ranked (free agent) center for $750,000 a year and we sign Phil Costa to a 2 year $2.7 million contract worth up $3.5 million in incentives. Why do we overpay?
  12. Free safety Kurt Coleman was rumored to have visited the Colts Friday. Don't know much about him except for he has some ugly hits on people. He hit Collie in 2010 and he left on the stretcher and when he played for Ohio State he tackled Tyson Gentry and he became paralyzed.......Coleman almost quit football until Gentry apparently forgave him. Sounds like a physical tackler but not sure about this one.
  13. Brooks is free safety expected to go 2-3 and Loston is a strong safety expected to go in the 4. I like either if they are still around, look out for Ed Reynolds. Pep has Stanford ties and if he is the BPA at the position they may go for him.....He is ranked 4th among free safeties available.
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