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  1. I was wanting to know people's thoughts on bringing in a couple players. Max Tuerk, and Bug Howard..... Bug Howard WR--was in Indy for some time last year. 6'4" 230 had only 4 drops in college and can help fill void from losing Moncrief. Max Tuerk-- C/Guard. He was highly rated out of the draft but coming of a injury. Some had him higher than Ryan Kelly. We need more line help and he might have more success at guard.
  2. Any thoughts on Colts taking a flyer on wide receiver Cody Latimer? 6'2" 215 4.39 40 former IU boy, he has not done much in Denver but could use a change of scenery. He is only 25 and could be signed at a low cost multiple year deal....just a idea. The former 2014 2nd rounder is a free agent still and worth a look in my opinion.
  3. All I can say as a COLTS fan is the AFC south is getting stronger signing pretty solid free agents.....picking higher in the draft, except Texans, as we look like garbage last year kept most of the same players so far and are short a pick or 2 in the draft. I was excited last year not so much this year, Jags and Titans will be MUCH tougher opponents. Grigs better pick up some solid playmakers and hit on EVERY pick in the draft or we will be lucky to get to 8-8.
  4. I don't understand why the COLTS did not resign him. He is 29 and signed a 3 year deal with the Bears the is only 6 mill guaranteed with performance bonuses. He was rated the #4 lb in the league and we could not give him 6 mill guaranteed. The one player on d that was a must resign player just walked on over to the Bears for some chump change, I wish him well there and Bears just got a great deal and a heck of a player. Colts management what r u smoking?
  5. I realize than increase in cap space but it is now gone, love Allen he is getting a Gronk like cap hit for 16 catches compared to Fleener 59.
  6. He has missed 21 games in 4 seasons and had 16 catches last year. Missed nearly all of 2013 due to hip surgery....I like him a lot just not at a bigger cap hit than Luck. Fleener is gone and if he isn't than we will have ZERO room for any quality free agents.
  7. Why does COLTS management continue to over pay or over value people. Landry, Art Jones, Andre Johnson, Erik Walden, Gosder Cherilus, RJF.....I like Dwayne Allen but I find it hard to believe he would have gotten that much any where else. He is injury prone and now there is NO cap room for Fleener if they plan on helping both lines or CB during the offseason. Grigs is not good with money!
  8. Colts O-line needs help

    1. HungarianColtsFan


      IMO it was OK, when both Shipley and Holmes were in in the 2nd half. Luck had days to throw then.

    2. BrentMc11


      I agree with HCF.

  9. I agree, a solid O-line is a must have for this off season. Seems like Colts every year are having a O-line carousel. You lose continuity switching players that often through the season, nice to see guys step up but great teams have a solid line that start every week together. Wayne has a undisclosed torn triceps injury that no one has talked about, with a banged up elbow and a knee surgery....I think OLD boy could use a week off to get him healthy for playoffs, good luck getting him off the field though. Either way he will step up in the playoffs....REGGIE!
  10. Gordy from what I heard had a rough day.....(blacked out in my area, Lake County... thanks Dish...had to watch scoring plays on Redzone) anyways I think colts have nearly 4 mill in cap space still....looking at Tolers injury history and Davis being banged up I think it would be a solid pick up for the rest of the year and playoffs. Butler looks great sometimes and gets burned at times too! Colts rely on corners alot so we need to be healthy in that area. O-line may need help after today also.
  11. Excited to see this game, hopefully a good one. I think the Colts easily should be 3-1 this season, Pep kind of cost us that one vs Philly......Colts also had the chance to win vs Denver, I personally feel pretty good about the team this year. If they can just play a whole game and not worry about changing there game plan like the Philly game(running the ball to waste the clock). Lots of team do that also, that is what almost gave us the Denver game. You still need first downs, if you get them you waste MORE clock. I realize it you don't want to make a mistake with picks or incomplete passes, but most comeback wins happen when a team starts playing one dimensional (RUNNING the clock mode). I hope they attack and keep attacking and never look back, Ravens are a quality team so a good win will start getting this team the respect it deserves. I would also like to see a few HB tosses of so our run game is less predictable, I believe Sergio Brown is a UPGRADE over Landry..... Brown has more speed, height and ball hawking ability than him and should prove his worthy as a nfl starter. Freeman should be back as well so that will help, Vontae on Smith Sr, Toler on Smith Jr.......Keep the our offense on the field and lets win this game! GO COLTS!!!!!
  12. Heard Bradshaw was seen wearing a walking boot........hope it is not serious......when is a walking boot not? TRich and Boom this week?
  13. Pass interference or not Pep sucks plain and simple! Luck will blame himself though.
  14. I hope that is not the case!!!!!!!
  15. I hope the Colts come out firing, the run first offense has seemed to always put us in a hole, the comeback wins are when the coaching staff let Luck loose. I still believe in our run game but if we keep putting T-Rich/Bradshaw in predictable formations defenses are gonna eat them alive.....more play action, and running from the gun. Colts have had some success in the no huddle also. Pass first then run seems to work better in recent years, let's actually play/control the whole game from start to finish. GO COLTS!!!!
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