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Gonna try to talk about football and stuff.

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Hey people out there who may or may not enjoy reading what I write! Just wanted you to know that I still plan on writing more but I am getting married this week. And while it might not seem like it I take a lot of time to research to try to know at least a little bit what I am talking about and I try to spend time while writing making sure I put out the best blog I can. Aaannnddd if I were to devote that amount of time to a blog about football...my future wife would murder me...then no one wins.

What Does It Mean To Build A Monster Part 2: A Question Of Rhetoric

I've never really understood the proverb, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." I feel like whoever came up with that never had someone break up with them or ever worked in the service industry. I'm a words guy. Words are extremely important to me. They are the most powerful symbols on the planet. I would never claim that I am a master wordsmith, but I know that words are super powerful! Words can Sustain a relationship or wreck it beyond help. Words can end a war.

What Does It Mean To Build A Monster Part 1: People Like Me

I have never been to a Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium (I attended last year's Titan's game in Tennessee). This is mainly due to the fact that I live in Chicago, home of the Bears, (Yes, Peyton, I suffer from Displaced Fan Syndrome). The second reason is I'm getting married, and justifying a ticket would put a...strain...on our budding (hopefully long lasting) relationship. This is only important because in part 1 of my search to find out what "Build The Monster," truly means I am going to be ta

What I Think "Building The Monster" Means Intro

It's something that we have seen on T-shirts, in player, coach, and front office interviews, and all over forums. Build the Monster has become a sort of rallying cry for the Colts organization and fan base. It's catchy and it conjures up images of an unstoppable football juggernaut. When I first heard the slogan a wide smile spread across my face, but after the initial effect wore off I began to wonder what the slogan really meant and what it would take to actually build a monster. In this blog
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