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The era begins.............



Just as the pre season isn't really a good way to guage...much, neither is 1 game, after about 4-5 games, a pattern will develope and then the indications will be more defining.

I like that Pagano and Luck both stood tall and said they have to do a better job, nice try, the TEAM needs to do a better job, not saying they weren't without fault, but they aren't the problem. Luck played pretty good (on the Luck curve) very good for a rookie QB, he said he turned it over 4 times

1. not a good throw, but it took an amazing effort by Tim Jennings to get the pick

2. not a good throw, but Jennings batted the ball away and it went right into another players hands.

3. when you fumble ( as you are getting hit on the arm) not exactly , being careless

4. Ok, this one was kinda his fault, but when you are down by 3 Td's, sometimes you got to try to make something happen, even if it isn't a good choice (intercepted by Jennings)

note: that would be the same (ex-Colt) Jennings that I read once or twice or more, couldn't play in the NFL

The O-line looked lost in the first quarter, they did play better as the game went on and I know it takes time.......

The running game...didn't look good, there were only 13 rushes, hard to run when you are playing from behind, Brown had 2 18-yd runs (one for a TD) the other 11 rushes totaled 18 yds

Has Reggie lost a step, I doubt it, he HASN'T lost his hands, quite a performance from #87 ( 9-135) and a very good start for Fleener (6-82)

On defense, not a lot to say, another great game for Bethea, who led the way (again) with 9 tackles and welcome to the NFL Jerrell Freeman, doesn't get much easier than that (pick 6) good start for Mathis (2 sacks) Conner had some nice hits.

The coverage units were decent, Lefeged had 2 great plays............a fumbled kickoff (Brazill) and a missed field goal didn't help

Freeney (ankle) and Justice (concussion) went down, hopefully they will be back soon.

Make no mistake the Bears are a very good team, who played a very good game and that was a tough start for game #1

Minnesota will be a little easier assignment for week #2, they won yesterday beating the Bucs and it will be a home game, waiting to see how 2-5 go.................


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Great blog Ken !!! I'm looking for a better game this weekend at home. And I think we will pull out a win. GOOOOOOO COLTS !!!!

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Kinda like a young Lt. heavyweight going up against a good experienced Heavyweight.

We got some punches in and stayed on our feet, but opened ourselves up for some big punches.

The worst thing that is Most Possible is a merry go round of injuries on the O-Line.

That is Phugly all the time in the NFL. To Linl or Not to Link? ;- )

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Watching luck during his collegiate years, he is the type of person who will bounce back from a bad outing. Luck is very intelligent and he will analyze his mistakes and correct it. Be patient, we haven't seen the best of him yet. He's still trying to get used to the NFL.

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