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53 man roster (so far)



QB- was really impressed with all 3, glad Harnish made the cut

RB- Karim looked pretty good, but you can only carry so many RB's, didn't see much of Moore or Carter

TE- really good group, Jones made some plays and looked very good

WR- didn't think we would keep 6 (maybe due to Collie's situation) would have been interesting to see if we kept Whalen or Adams, had Whalen not got injured

OL- we will see.............

DE/DT- Redding needs to stay healthy, he's a big key to the D-line

NT- Johnson is it, other than recently signed Tevaseu and until Chapman is activated, not a good thing

OLB- a unit that really surprised me , I didn't think too highly of the backups, but they all played well, Hughes and Addison really stood out

ILB- they all looked good as well, will Angerer get his starting job back? (just kidding) one of the best games I ever saw a LB have-Fokou,all over the field, team high in tackles, forced fumbles,big time hits, tipped passes!!)

CB- quite the drama, many free agents signed, trades..........Davis is the key, play at a high level, or...........

S- really anxious ( hopefully) to see what Zbikowski brings to the table, had some good looking players, but only kept 4

As I mentioned, hard to really guage to much from pre season, the special teams really didn't look all that much better, they were better, but not much, but that's over and the real games begin, with real tests and..................

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Maybe I missed something, but I thought special teams coverage was Excellent.

Fokou played like someone who had an idea where they wanted to go with the ball and he hammered them accordingly.

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I was referring to special teams as a whole...in the 4 games, didn't see 1 really big return, there were 2 blocked punts, the coverage units were pretty good, I guess with the emphasis on that part of the game, I was expecting more, but as i said, it's pre season, not really sure if it really means anything.....yet

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Seems like everyone had someone who could get it 7 + yards deep on the kickoff.

We regularly stopped them before the twenty. We will see if teams continue to let returners go from that deep.

A situational thing I guess.

That 1st blocked punt when #10 Ross I recall was just lazy knucklehead stuff.

A lot of punt fair catches but they seemed wise. It can`t possibly be as bad as last year. lol

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As always it starts in the trenches and thats where the Colts need to improve. Its like they have all the accessories but are lacking the "core". Hopefully its just a matter of technique and with experience will get better as the season wears on. That recieving corps is really impressive, they all look interchangable! On D Nevis seemed to play well and Hughes was a beast, never thought he`d be that good.

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I agree, really in the past, the coverage units were good, for the most part, but at least once a game, they would give up a return, nowhere to go...........but up lol

even the blocked punts, thats the problem with pre season, if a guy screws up and he doesnt make the team, what did that prove?"

maybe my expectations were too high, I have heard the whole off season about how much the special teams were going to improve.

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Spoken like a fan who gets it..........yes, it does and I agree again, the O-line is still a question mark in my opinion and the D-line is too, if they don't play well, that's going to make it harder for the rest to excell, I think the O-line is closer than the D-line to being where they need to be

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