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Third impression



I still don't think pre season games answer many questions, at least, not the questions I have. Yesterday's game did not look very good, from just about every angle imaginable. The defense needs to improve, the O-line needs to improve and the special team needs to show that this is a different era, so far, that hasn't happened. I think once the season starts and teams are playing with 53 players and not using vanilla-type offenses, the real results will be telling. As of now , we can watch and make whatever predictions we want............

I would feel good about the Colts future if Harnish was the only rookie QB we drafted this year, really like him...........I will be very dissapointed and shocked if Whalen doesn't make the team, I always root for the guys who don't come into the league with hype,he wasn't drafted and he has shown he can play in this league.

Next week will be watching the young guys try to make the team and not much else, then the regular season and the real games with real meaning and the real status of the team will be determined.

One thing I mentioned months ago was how little quality depth this team has at alot of positions, injuries are part of this sport and we seem to be at the top of that list, every year, this year if that continues it will expose that lack of depth, big time.

ps- Vontae Davis, good move? We gave up what very well could be a very high second round pick ( borderline first round pick) so he has to be great or it was not a good move, rebuilding teams and that is what this team is, should't be trading high picks away................unless they get a great player, we will see......................

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Harnish is my mom's favorite too. After the Steelers game she asked me, who was that last kid? I like him!

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I was a little disappointed in the defense - poor tackling all over the field. I too hope they show more fight when the regular season starts. I love Whalen, but just saw he has a foot fracture - hopefully we can still get him active sometime this season - he could be a great slot receiver. Harnish is doing well also (I sat next to his cousin at the first preseason game and I think his nickname was elephant if I remember right).

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Harnish looks like a steal so far this draft class looks good. Your right about Davis unless he plays great they wasted this pick

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update on Davis, been reading about him, he has a ton of talent and COULD be a great CB,or....................as most fans who follow the NFL and the players know, players with a history of issues, almost always continue to have issues, there is a difference between SOME issues and a pattern............

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So many factors go into whether the trade was worth the pick. How deep is the college CB class coming out next year? As you mentioned if he plays well then obviously that helps. The Colts will have tons of cap space also to pick up young proven players via free agency and trades. Hopefully the trade made the defense better for 2012 and Davis gets his act straight off the field, something we never had to worry about with Polian as GM..great assessment Ken

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what it is , is a gamble,giving up a high draft pick (which are very important) for a player with a history of issues, i guess i am not much of a gambler. i bought into polians ideals-100%, the way he ran the team, his approach,etc.never been big on free agents and signing other team castoffs as the way to win football games

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as of now we have a 1-3-4 in next years draft left, trading away a 2-5 and 2 conditional picks (6-7?)

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Funny how so many whined about Polian not signing Free agents.

Of course he would have had to let More of his own Free agents go to have the $$$ to sign a FA!

Davis set himself up to get out of Miami and WE got him. We were Desperate for a Quality CB and we have every reason to believe he can be one. And NO he does Not have to be great. Just solid. A bird in the hand.

How good a cornerback were we going to draft in rd 6 and 7 next year?

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I am a big believer in building through the draft, just like in baseball, you win by creating a great farm system, never was a fan of free agent signings, some are good , as long as they are selectively productive, the top free agents are always way over priced.

I am also not a fan of signing problem players, just because he has talent, what happens with Davis, time will tell, I think when a player like that is signed, the stakes are higher, because of the gamble, which is why I feel he has to be a very good player, not just solid, if he plays great, nobody will say a word, if he doesn't and has issues, its looks bad, only time will answer that, thats the gamble and a gamble at a very high price, in my opinion

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