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second impression



I tried to not make too much out of the last game and pre season as a whole, but for now, that's all we have to go on, so.............

Playing the Steelers, in Pittsburg, would be a way better guage, then playing the Rams, in Indy

Andrew Luck- I ranked him in the top 10 after last weeks game, with experience the only thing keeping him out of the top 5 Qb's in the NFL he's played 2 games, time for a promotion....I knew he was going to be special, but wasn't quite expecting this, this soon. The pick six, not a good thing, but the way he responded was very telling. Stanton and Harnish continue to impress, can't even remember how long it's been that I felt comfortable with the backup QB situation.

Brown and Ballard look like they will be a very good combo and when Carter and Moore get back........... even better.

Collie: that was not a good sign, we can only hope that last night was not the last time he put on a uniform, I haven't heard much, but if he had another concussion, I think he really needs to get out, that would be a very sad way to end a career of a guy who has never really shown what he was capable of, which in my opinion, was a pro bowl caliber career and a guy who really loved playing football. Great game for Whalen, who is going to be hard to keep off the roster.

The O-line was better, but I still think they have to play better and hopefully, in time, they will.

The O-line and the defense are the 2 areas I am really watching, because those are the 2 areas, I am not sure what to expect, yet. The stats have been very good , so far, but I am looking a little deeper than that and still haven't determined how good either unit will be. I didn't get too excited about Hughes' big game last week, it's a little easier to get sacks when you aren't blocked, but he backed it up again, with another sack and it seemed like every play, he was there......building a monster, was that in reference to Hughes? My hope is that Powers stays healthy and has a breakout year, so far, so good and Bethea, in this defense should excell and maybe get some (more) justified attention as one of the best Safties in the league, so far, so good. Who is Jerry Brown? nice game #57, the outside Lb's , who I really didn't think too highly of, had looked really good.

Special teams: too early to tell, the coverage units have been good, no return game to speak of, the blocked punt.....it happens.

Pretty impressive game, not so much the stats or the score or who won, but they way it was played, who they played and where, that was a good sign and that's what everyone wants, to guage where this team is and where it is going............


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I thought it was a good sign too. And honestly, the most fun I've had watching football in a long time (except for last week). the fun is back for us fans and I look forward to seeing what this team can do.

Andrew Luck........IDK, I didn't expect him to be as good as he is. Boy, he is the real deal!

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If I hadn`t watched the last 2 games and saw for myself, reading your blog explains it all. Great observations as always Ken. I`m so excited about the young recieving corps, who do you not keep? Sambrano hasn`t impressed me much after all the pre-camp hype but all the rest are off the charts..so far

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Whalen was a big surprise. As Collie leaves, he steps in? Not a starter just depth.

Freeney is not following the ball and just getting stuck out there.

Give me a taller, younger guy. I don`t think Dwight has the exposion he still needs and is just not a tackler.

Have a lot of respect for him as a Team player, sure would be nice if someone else REALLY wanted him, but I wouldn`t be disappointed if they cut him considering what I think he will contribute this season.

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Yes Colts7 we're looking good. Got to tighten up several nuts and bolts but we're headed in the right direction. At this point I think we have more talent and depth than other teams that have have been rebuilding oops reorganizing.

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I liked what I saw as well. I think Collie is done as a Colt. He has proven to me that his head can no longer take any kind of punishment. To keep him on the roster is just waiting until he gets knocked out again by a concussion. I don't think the Colts can use a roster spot for that, and I don't think Collie should play anymore due to health concerns. That being said, Whalen had a great game and showed that he can make the tough catches in the middle - that performance alone may be enough to keep him on roster, but we will see if he can add to it this preseason. And I agree about the back-ups. The reason why we have always had losing preseasons had a lot to do with no quality back-up QB's.

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In regards to Freeney, I wouldn't put any stock into his performance thus far. When the lights go on for real, he will be ready to be a sack monster once again. And with teams having to deal with pressure coming from different places, he may even be able to go unblocked like Hughes has done sometimes.

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that's really what I am waiting for (when the lights go on) I want to see what they do, when it counts, that's the big test, pre season , is pre season for a reason. Mathis has shown he has made the conversion , as has Hughes, I think Freeney will rush much more than drop back, which is why he is playing where he is playing ( rush-OLB). I feel bad for collie, he has so much talent and love for the game, but I think its a given now, it's always going to be an issue and long term, is what he needs to think about, as hard as that is. I have been hearing alot about Kris adams, but if Collie doesn't come back, that would open a spot for him or Whalen and Whalen does have the Stanford connection. I expected Luck to be very good, and then great, but not great from Day #1, he looks like a guy who has played for a few years....WOW!

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