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  1. I think I am the dancing fan (in sec 449)- but the dancing only lasts about 1/2 hour just while they are playing the good dance music.
  2. Much needed trade after watching Brown whiff on the block. Do feel like Ballard could have been that guy, but injury knocked him out, so now he would likely be #2 back next year. But since we need a #1 back this year - great trade.
  3. 25-35 326 3 td 0 int They can say they want to run, but I see more short passes.
  4. 3-1 I can't see us losing to the Raiders at home, even if we don't play our best. Miami won't be a pushover, but it is a home game, so should be 2-0 at this point. As improved as I think the Colts are, I'm not sure we will catch the Niners sleeping - would probably have a better shot if it was at home. Jax won't be as bad as people think, but with Luck on our side, we should win this game.
  5. I agree. Even the point differential is meaningless. I have never seen a preseason game played or coached the way a regular season or post-season game is. Also, we were blown out/run over by Jax in regular season the year we won Super Bowl. So the Bills game is long forgotten, (as should the Giants game be as well).
  6. I didn't expect Hughes to make the final cut this year, so from that standpoint this was a very good trade for the Colts. Hughes did okay playing from Mathis' position, and showed speed, but generally could not overpower anybody. Sheppard is coming in at the middle linebacker position, so the size comment relates to his size compared to our other middle linebackers - Angerer, Freeman, etc.
  7. Freeney is playing hurt in a new position without Mathis on the other side. I agree, a healthy Freeney in his prime would not need much help on the line to be disruptive, but right now he does need help, and Hughes is not good enough. If Mathis can get back, we should be better at pressuring the QB. This definitely is an area of concern right now. Freeney very well may not be back next year, and certainly not for superstar money. Hughes also may not be back next year - limited usefulness, and a total non-factor when playing Freeney's position. Hopefully we can get our defensive line start
  8. Our family has been praying for your recovery and complete remission. God has given you the resources - the doctors and the medicine and your faith and your family - to beat this. We are praying against any infection while you are receiving treatment. I expect you back and ready to go next season. God bless you coach.
  9. I really didn't get the same feeling as last year - i.e. playing not to lose. The play calling in 2nd half still had a lot of throws, just poor execution. Making them use their timeouts in last 2 min. was smart coaching, but again, poor execution defensively led to loss. When the offense can become more consistent (including Luck) then hopefully there won't be as many of those situations. Of course, we still need a better defense.
  10. He looks like Peyton Manning to me. His greatest asset is his commanding presence on the field. He knows where he wants to go with the ball and doesn't hesitate. I don't know about his arm strength, but he has always thrown some wobblers - as long as they go to the right guy it doesn't matter how pretty they look. I've seen Manning make Blair White look good, so I think D. Thomas and Decker will figure it out. I look for the Broncos to be 10-6 by the end of the season.
  11. Ever the optimist, I let my hopes get a little high this year. After watching the preseason and looking at the schedule, I felt that 8-9 wins was entirely possible. The loss to Jacksonville took away one of those wins, and couple that with the way the team has played the first few weeks and it looks like 6 wins could even be a little optimistic at this point. But I’m not ready to give up hope yet. But I do have to look at the team for what our strengths and weaknesses are. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of strengths right now. We have Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis – who have shown up
  12. Uh - no. but you bring up a good point about Hughes - he did seem to do better at Mathis' position in pre-season. I would like to see Addison in for Freeney and see if he can set the edge against the run. As for our defense - Attack, attack, attack. And hopefully we will be much better this weekend at home.
  13. AFC championship game 2006 over the Patriots. Just before half my wife saying " I can't believe we paid so much money for these tickets". But then the second half came and it was well worth it. By the way, I think the person who started this blog should not attend any more Colts -Steelers games - especially not in the playoffs. (Just kidding).
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