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  1. Same here. I was there when they played the Rams.
  2. Completely agree. In the military, if someone doesn't show up or refuses to train (besides the point that obviously they will get in trouble) it affects the entire team's chemistry/camaraderie. I don't want that person on my team because when it matters the most, it could or will get somebody killed and in this case, lose games. Like you said, it is quitting on your team whether it's just practice or not. You're still entitled to show up even if you're not practicing/training.
  3. Sorry, I guess there's another thread for this. Mod please close.
  4. Not good news. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/08/15/colts-wr-reece-fountain-carted-off-with-leg-immobilized/
  5. I'm hoping he plays. The last time the Colts opened their season here in So Cal was against the Rams in 2017 were my wife and I bought tickets to watch Luck and the Colts play against the Rams. This was before the surgery and during the pre-season they kept saying Luck will start. Well, they started Tolzien and we lost to the Rams 9-46. To make long story short, I hope they don't lead us to believe he will start and come first game of the season he's not. Looking forward to going to the game. The Chargers are a good team and I will tough to match up against them if Luck doesn't play.
  6. I seriously thought his legs were made of tree trunks.
  7. I'm not too worried. It's good for the backups and rookies getting plenty of reps.
  8. Irsay is not a doctor. I bet he meant to say something else. If Luck has a headache, Irsay would probably say he's dealing with a "small little bone." Well, I guess I will have to wait what this "small little bone" is before I make my conclusion. At this point, I'm not too worried because he's been throwing and his leg is not the one throwing the football.
  9. I hope we keep 6. Fountain definitely is outplaying Pascal. I'd be surprised if they keep Pascal over Rogers. I guess we will find out in couple of weeks.
  10. The Chargers definitely in the top 10.
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