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  1. Devildog

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    Due to Cox's ability to block as well, I think he has a better chance sticking around than Swoope.
  2. Devildog

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    Pass rush and CB would be my picks for the draft or FA.
  3. Devildog

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    There's gonna be a lot of good or elite FA who would want to play with the Colts. Gonna be interesting off season.
  4. Devildog

    Will Q Need Off Season Neck Surgery ?

    Offense couldn't get it going. Defense was out there too long. Oh well, shows how important getting that #1 seed. Have a great off season Colts fans. Hopefully next year is our year.
  5. Devildog

    Hooker OUT

  6. Devildog

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    Good luck and enjoy the game tomorrow!
  7. Devildog

    Media using their hearts or their heads

    Food? Check. TV? Check. Couch? Check. Game face? Check. I think I'm ready for tomorrow.
  8. Devildog

    Is Luck vs Mahomes the new Manning vs Brady

    Exactly. One great year doesn't not define a career. If he's consistent and produces year after year, then we can compare him to Luck, Brady, Manning, Brees, etc. Otherwise, for now, just like you said, he's just a new Watson, Wentz, Prescott, etc...
  9. Devildog

    Irsay's tweet for tomorrow's game

    The thought of him wearing a cheerleader outfit and holding those pompoms while throwing one leg up in the air made me throw up in my mouth, lol.
  10. Devildog

    Tyquan Lewis ruled OUT
  11. Devildog

    KC paranormal

    I bet the Redskins are like, "Hey, let's do this , too!"
  12. I know, right? They even mentioned Mitchell going to the IR and that would be the nail in the coffin. The last paragraph cracks me up, too. Lol. "Shawn Barber, Chiefs 33-27 Safety Mike Mitchell going on injured reserve might be the nail in the coffin for the Colts’ postseason plans. Any thoughts on how the entire AFC south is ranked in the top 11 in defense points allowed? Think about what all four teams have in common. It’s not any roster full of defensive studs or complex defensive schemes. Answer: They all play the most watered down schedule ever, which included their own divisional teams twice."
  13. Some of the predictions on the Arrowhead website...
  14. With all this talk about a high scoring game, I would go the opposite and predict: 3-0 Colts.