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  1. Devildog

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    Pancakegate. This is ridiculous.
  2. Devildog

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    Maybe the Illegal Substance wasn't offered with the deal that's why he left.
  3. Devildog

    TY The Slot Receiver

    Sunday can't come fast enough.
  4. Devildog

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    If he still can play then why not?
  5. Devildog

    247 Sports just moved Colts

    I had to reread the title twice thinking the Colts moved again, lol.
  6. Devildog

    I can't quite hear Jalen Ramsey...

    Ramsey who? Never heard of him.
  7. Devildog

    Anyone remember the colts winning so many awards?

    I have not. I'm pretty sure there will be more awards given in the second half of the season. I predict Mack will get his soon.
  8. Devildog

    Could The Colts Go Toe to Toe with this years Rams???

    Any given Sunday
  9. Devildog

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    This can be put to rest now that Thomas has been traded to the Texans.
  10. Devildog

    Half Season Eval

    Also, looking forward to what Tyquan Lewis can do.
  11. Devildog

    Should we leave Braden Smith at right tackle?

    Honestly, I would keep everybody where they're at. A lot of people on here clamoring to get the line fixed and here we are with the best OL we've had since Luck was drafted. Now people want to upgrade/move players around because they think there's room for improvement? Maybe, maybe not. I'm all for drafting another OT/OG for depth or competition or better yet a replacement for AC, but for now I think we should be happy the line is keeping Luck up and opening holes for the RBs.
  12. Devildog

    Reggie Wayne wants Thomas traded to Colts

    I'd take him if I want to. But I don't want to. If the Colts want to There's nothing I can do.
  13. After I saw the 2 first round picks, I was like.................