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  1. I'm wrong for putting "blind faith" in the Colts? I don't gamble so I could care less. I also could care less if the Colts lose or win but I do care about rooting for the the Colts to win regardless if they are underdogs. By the way, don't put words in my mouth. I don't expect anybody to change and I'm not here to bash people.
  2. All I said was to not doubt the team you're supposed to be rooting for. And yet you go on telling everyone that you're tired of people how to be a good fans and people experience things differently and that's okay. Ummm, okay, I guess the way I voiced my opinion is not okay in your world. I don't force people to change and I really don't care if they do or don't. Just don't put words in my mouth and say I disagree with people who experience their fandom in a different way than I do because I never agreed nor disagreed with anybody. I'm here voicing my support to the team and not bash on people like you do.
  3. Well, I'm tired of people being so negative and being a Debbie Downer. If they don't have faith in your team, go to root for the likes of the Patriots or the Chiefs that most people think they will always win. Let me ask you this, do you tell your kid who plays a sport that they're gonna lose to a more superior team? I think not. You show up to support them and wish them the best. You don't tell other people, "I think my kid's team is going to get blown 50-7 ." I'm not even from Indy but I paid thousands of dollars in Colts merchandise because I root for them to win. I'm in the military and you think you want to hear people say we're gonna lose to the Chinese military or Russia? Sorry for the rant but i think I'm not in the wrong here for supporting my team 100%.
  4. As a fan, you should never doubt your team.
  5. You are close to Mission Valley. Try the Yard House.
  6. The top picture is Oceanside.
  7. There's a SoCal Colts group in SD. https://www.facebook.com/Socal-Colts-Fans-333538776752978/ They usually go to Sidecar in Morena Blvd right off the 5 freeway near Sea World Drive exit. or you could go to Dave & Busters.
  8. Please don't go to any more games, lol.
  9. Shouldn't have released Al Woods.
  10. You seem to forget that Andrew played with a different coach, different lines, and yes, the team was different way before Jacoby came in and yet Luck managed to bring the team to the playoffs. The first year and only year Luck played under Reich, and after coming back from being hurt, he put up the best stats in his career. I'm not knocking on JB because I believe he has the talent and can become one of the best but he's coming in when everything is pretty much in place.
  11. Not sure if this site is authentic. The prices are good to be true. I would like to know if anyone has bought from this site before. I usually buy my gear from NFLSHOP or Colts Pro Shop.
  12. Just resign him, finish his contract and let him retire as a Colt. He's not elite by all means but he has been very durable and only missed few games since he was drafted. We could definitely use his services for couple more years.
  13. So, did Kelly make it to the PS yet? Didn't someone say the deadline is at 4pm EST?
  14. Who cares what they think. Probably the same so called "Experts" that pick the Browns to go to the Super Bowl.
  15. I liked Cann because of her personality. She was very upbeat. Not too sure about Overton though. She's too serious, lol.
  16. Teams shouldn't give in to these players.
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