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Edgerrin James, how good was he?



I read the article today on Colts.com about Edgerrin's upcoming honor and got me to thinking, where does he rank, all-time?

As always it's subject to opinion, without giving it a great deal of thought I think there are 5 RB's who seperated themselves from the rest and I ranked them ( also without a lot of thought )

1. Jim Brown-much like Unitas and Berry his career stats don't look as impressive as some, but it was a different era and they played far fewer games in that era

9 years-12,300 yds-7 (1,000 yd seasons) 2400 yds recieving

2. Walter Payton

13 -16,700 (10) 4500

3. Barry Sanders

10-15,200 (10) 2900

4. Eric Dickerson

11-13,200 (8) 2100

5. Ladainian Tomlinson

11-13,600 (8) 4700

I was focusing on all-around backs, factoring in running , receiving and blocking and ranked the next 5

6. Emmitt Smith

15-18,300 (11) 3200

7. Marshall Faulk

12-12,200 (7) 6800

8. Edgerrin James

11-12,200 (7) 3300

9. Tony Dorsett

12-12,700 (8) 3500

10. Curtis Martin

11-14,100 (10) 3300

The only other RB that I felt deserved mention (aplogy to Sayers fans) was O.J. Simpson

11-11,200 (5) 2100

Edgerrin ranks #11 on the all-time rushing list, but with his other talents I ranked him #8 all-time

note-the Colts were well represented with Dickerson, Faulk and


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Glad for Edge...great player and guy, and truly deserving of the ring of honor....but i missed seeing my favorite back of all time of your list...Earl Campbell..

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As I said, the blog was done is quick fashion and not alot of thought, Earl Campbell would indeed need to be on that list

8-9,400 (5) 800

I was suprised that Simpson only had 5 1,000 seasons-Campbell was very similar, they were dominant for a short time

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