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What's the key to winning in the NFL? ( game #2)



What is the magic formula to winning? I know there are plenty of those who think they have got that figured out, but............there is no magic formula, teams win in many ways, the real formula is...........whatever it takes................

Congrads to the Colts/Luck on win #1 in the new era. There are still some concerns, the running game was not impressive, 30-84 (2.8 avg) the O-line didn't look too good in the beginning (again) then Satele went out, but I didn't really notice any dropoff, with the re shuffled line. Last week was Reggie's day, this week it was Avery's (9-111) although Reggie was still productive (6-71-TD)

The defense played very good, limiting Peterson and company to under 100 yds rushing (90 yds, 3.7 avg) and 4 sacks. Will Angerer get his starting job back? Just kidding (again) I mentioned that after Fokou's monster game in the pre season, now Freeman, he had a pick-six last week and this week, a team high 13 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble, gotta feel really good about the ILB's group (including Conner) Mathis had another sack ( 3 for the year) along with

Hughes and Conner. I was hoping/expecting big years for Powers and Bethea and the early grades are very good.

Special teams: still not seeing a significant upgrade on the coverage units and was expecting the return game to be a weapon, thus far that hasn't materialized (it's only 2 games) what was special was the kickers, McAfee averaged just under 55 yds on 5 punts, including a 75 yarder-are you kidding me!! (officially 64) and Adam went 3-3 on field goals, including a very impressive 53 yarder for the game winner.

Keeping in mind, the Vikings are not a very good team and didn't play a very good game (11 penalties for 105 yds-critical) and a turnover (critical) it still counts in the standings, did someone say winning streak? Next up, division foe Jacksonville, who has not looked very good in their first 2 games.


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Hello Ken! Once again we see things almost exactly the same way...a nice post.

I hear people say DEFENSE wins football games. I hear that a great QB and great OFFENSE wins games. Then I hear and see commercials that laugh when it comes to special teams. It boggles my mind that football fans do not seem to grasp that 3rd phase of the game that is critical to the other two phases. (Rant off)

We have a HOF kicker and a Pro Bowl caliber punter/kickoff specialist. We need to not kick the ball straight down the field at any point...let alone line drives that can be instant momentum killers/game changers.

While we are seeing gradual improvements in the ST area, we need all 3 phases and all 53 men to play hard nosed football for 60 minutes....as you say "There is no formula..." and quite frankly that is why we love this game soooooooo much. Thanks for another SUPER blog! :applause::td:

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thanks brent

one thing that really bugs me is when people refuse to adapt and/or adjust I see it every year during the draft, teams use the same mindset and get the same results (not good) year after year after..........I am not a big fan of the we-big, we-bad mindset either, this is a passing league now, that dictates the game, not the running game and having athletic players trumps having big players all day, everyday, some get that, some don't, that was my point, it really doesn't matter how it looks or how you get there, as long as you get there, I read that a few years back, one of the best NFL insiders stated that teams try to get a big time QB and build around him, the teams that do the best job of surrounding that QB with talent, will succeed, the most. As long as you have that 1 piece, you will always be in the running. Turnovers usually will decide the winner, the rest is just a piece of the puzzle.

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Just like my old blog...right before the Gronk, Davis and Grahams of the world....became the new monster athletic TEs....

The turnover via a blocked punt or kick...a missed FG or snap....mistakes kill...Love your philosophy!!

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