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Is the horseshoe lucky?



I did a couple of blogs recently on the greatest Qb's and RB's in NFL history. The Colts really haven't had alot of Hall of fame type players on the defensive side of the ball in their history. On D-line there was Gino Marchetti and Art Donovan (from the Baltimore days) and Freeney and Mathis of the current team. At LB there was Mike Curtis and Ted Hendricks, in the secondary there really hasn't been many of significance, hard to tell what could have been for Bob Sanders and Bubba smith who both had the makings of that type of player, cut short by injuries.

On the offensive side of the ball it gets way more impressive. The O-line had a few notibles...Jim Parker, Bob Vogel, Ray Donaldson and Jeff Saturday, at TE, there was John Mackey and although Dallas Clark didn't have many Pro bowl appearances , he is worth mentioning.

Then it's get real impressive, at WR, there was Raymond Berry, who when he retired was considered by most, the best WR-ever! Marvin Harrison, I felt had a chance to give Jerry Rice a run for his career stats, but retired at age 36 ( for whatever reason(s) 2 of the very best -ever, that's pretty impressive! And now Reggie Wayne who when it's all said and done, should be a Hall of famer

At RB, on my list, I had 3 Colts in the top 8 in NFL history (Dickerson-Faulk-James) even if some don't agree, they have to be considered as some of the best -ever and that doesn't even include Hall of famer Lenny Moore.

At QB, it gets pretty amazing! I had Unitas and Peyton in my top 5-ever and I have made it known I feel Andrew Luck, will retire as the very best who ever played the game, when that time comes, it can be said that maybe the 3 best QB's who ever played, wore the horseshoe. You can throw Bert Jones into that conversation, as a player who was maybe one of the most gifted NFL QB's ever, who also saw a short injury filled career. Taking a look at those 3 skilled "glamour" positions and knowing that there are 32 NFL teams, to have that kind of representation, by 1 team, is remarkable!!

FYI- in Unitas' 17 year career the Colts went to 5 championship games, winning 3 times

In Peyton's 13 year (playing ) career , the Colts went to 3 (AFC) championship game, played in 2 super bowls and had 1 championship.

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Very well done.....love the past...love the present....and love the future of our beloved :colts: .

I would have loved a couple more years of Tarik Glenn too my friend to protect the great 18.......

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Great blog!...Colts have had some awesome players over the years..I grew up watching the Colts at Memorial Stadium, and its bringing back some memories...

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I think that you are significantly underselling the Baltimore Colts on defense. Bubba Smith wasn't limited by injuries ala Sanders. He played essentially full seasons for 8 years, and was one of the best at his position for the duration. The only reason he left the Colts was because Joe Thomas dismantled the team. And that team he dismantled had been a defensive force - that's why they came close to going unbeaten in the SB 3 season despite Unitas being injured. We're about the same age - I'm sure you know this.

The Colts - ignoring a couple of bad years - had plenty of impact players on defense from the 50's championships through the Bert Jones era. Scanning for HOFers hardly tells the story. Remember the sack pack? DBs? I'd take Rick Volk, Jerry Logan, Bobby Boyd (amongst others) on my team any time.

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Bubba Smith made the Pro bowl in '70 and '71, in '72 he tore up his knee and was never that type of player again and never again making the Pro bowl, maybe I didn't word it right, that injury kept him from becoming the great player he had the makings of being.

There is a reason players make the Hall of fame, they are the elite, that's what the blog was about, the elite, if I wanted to mention the very good players that played for the Colts, at some point, the list would be endless

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OK, gotcha. Don't remember the knee injury.

It's your blog, so it's whatever you want it to be. I guess I was confused about the intent by the other "very good" players mentioned.

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the only player I mentioned that either isn't in the Hall of fame, or should be considered , was Dallas Clark, in my opinion a player needs 4-5 pro bowls to be considered, or if he plays at a stats position, it would include career stats




Curtis- 4 pro bowls







Harrison-will be

Wayne-should be



James-will be



Manning-will be

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I am new here, but I am amazed a new nice blog is jumped on after a great analysis by Colt7. I am hoping for more great blogs here.

I liked the positive nature....the past and future are fun to watch.

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RG - am I missing something about the nature of blogs? I rarely read them.

I politely suggested that he was ignoring a lot of great players that I grew up admiring. It's called having a conversation, not "jumping on". Is there a rule that the only comments allowed are cheerleading and supportive pats on the back regardless of content? Must be nice. I'll have to remember that if I ever write my own blog.

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Just thought it was well written and very positive. I'm sure everyone has favorite players. Maybe you could add onto the thread with yours MAC! Hope everyone enjoys the game.

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