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Coughlin vs Schiano



this is a big topic of discussion, I am interested in how our members on here feel about it, who do you think was right?


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I have a pretty good idea what the general opinion is...........my thoughts are ...........it was low class, Schiano can call it whatever he wants and use that never say die attitude, but its called lack of sportsmanship, the NFL was around long before Schiano was a part of it and there were plenty of great coaches, classy coaches, tough coaches and even some "others" that never ( to my knowledge) disrespected the game that way, there's not much worse that someone who screws up and refuses to take accountabilty for his actions

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I think both coaches have valid points. Schiano is totally correct on every play you play to the echo of the whistle and the game ain't over till the "fat lady sings". With that said there's also a time when its over and you must accept defeat! Can you score X amount of points with single digit seconds on the clock and the other team has the ball with another down or two? Many of us are not professional athletes but many of us have been in competition whether it was Spelling B, Science Fair or wrestled in the state championship and darn you try your best but sometimes unfortuneatly you must face or admit defeat. Like they said, you pull up your big boy pants, pick up the pieces and come back tomorrow to train/practice for the next competiton!

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that's the logic I hear most, its not over until its over (maybe there are more people living on that fantasy wagon than I thought) my take...........copout, I think its about sportmanship, the NFL has been around for a long time and there is a standard that is expected....

example: why does a team who is kicking another team butts, backoff, they could keep it up and embarass the other team, that's not what the league is about, I have learned along the way, that alot of people will not backoff, no matter how wrong they are, they will never admit it

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That's what I'm saying you go in to kick butt but there's a time when you must admit defeat. Same as the victor if the game is in your hands, take it and be a proud victor. You can be both humble and a sportsman in a victory and in defeat. Bottom line I don't think Schiano was wrong but he showed no sportsmanship.

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Ken, I have written in other forums that I feel 'strongly both ways' on this topic. (Less filling/tastes great Billy Martin!)

Giving it a chance to settle, I call it a rookie coach not fully understanding the so-called unwritten rules. It just so happened to come against Tom Coughlin's Super Bowl champs.

Being old school football I appreciate the intensity of play, yet once again look back to see Tampa Bay let the Giants 'go' on numerous other occasions. To me not being consistent made the play dirtier/less professional/more Bush League than it would of had Tampa Bay applied the same philosophy during the entire game.....new coaches need to learn what is right and wrong just like new players.

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Any coach who is coaching in the NFL has been around enough to know what the deal is, I know all about the never-say-die logic, I still think it's about sportmanship and respecting the league and your opponent, I know there are plenty who cannot comprehend that mindset...another cliche........... there is a time and a place for everything, he can use that mindset anytime he wants, except on a kneel down, the game is over, accept it, move on and try harder next week

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