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I think the verdict is in (game #5)



I mentioned that 5-6 games would should indicate where this team was at, then last (2nd half) week happened, that kinda messed up the pattern. There is always positives and negatives to any win or loss, next week will cement my thoughts, but I really don't think 1 game, after 5, is going to change that. Before I talk about this weeks game, it must be said, you are never as bad as you look when you lose ( or as good-when you win) is right on the money. Last week, the Colts looked like a playoff caliber team, I had an idea of what happened, but was hoping it was a stepping stone ( at some level) this week, they looked like a team primed for another #1 overall pick. That was complete domination in all phases of the game. Luck even played like a rookie QB ( I guess he really is human) he took another beating, good thing he is a big and athletic QB! The passing game wasn't as sharp as it has been all year, they got alot of yards in the 4th quarter, after the game was pretty much put away, the running game was non existent (41 yds-2.4 avg)

The defense was man handled, the passing yards weren't that high, there was no need to pass the ball, the run defense gave up 252 yds , just under a 6.0 avg. Freemen led the way with 14 tackles and Hughes played well, filling in for Mathis, with 8 tackles and a sack

I have been holding off on grading the special teams, but I think, if anything, it's worse than ever, Adam had a good game (3-3) but field goals really wasn't what was needed, McAfee started out the year pretty strong, but hasn't punted well for a few games now.

As I said, there are always positives, sometimes you have to look really hard to see them, I really didn't think this team was a playoff caliber team, but I wasn't sure it was going to be the worst team in the league either, I guess the best way to describe it would be growing pains. Next week will be the end of pattern stage, when it is what it is, for the most part, all teams goal is to improve , every week and with a very young team, even moreso, there is going to be some development during the season, that may not pay off for another year or two, overall there should be a better team , at the end of the year, then there was game #1. Next up Cleveland, who won today after an 0-5 start, should be a more level playing field and another home game, that should help get over this weeks showing

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Yes it'll be a journey and we'll have roadblocks, speed bumps, detours and not to mention the battery dieing out on the GPS but we will survive! It may very well be a loooooong journey but we'll reach our destination!

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Here I am again my Colts7 analyst! I read this and say 'exactly!'

This is a 16 game season. One week our fans think playoffs and Super Bowl. Next week...the latrine on the military base...the outhouse on the old farm.

I need to touch on the great point on McAfee....he decides on his own to start out-kicking coverage again...kicking straight down the field? OK done there...been there...done that.

Freeman has played so hard. 14 tackles....and he missed 4 or 5...playing his heart out.

3 phases of the game and we had major breakdowns in 2 of 3....for the first time the MAJOR breakdown was not a Hester run back...Jacoby Jones...______ (fill in the blank)

Injuries hurt us badly on defense, and Luck will have rookie days just like our beloved 18!!! Thanks for the blog!

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Welcome again Brent, with your words of wisdom

I will have to say, the results are not from lack of effort, never seen that on a Colts team, even last year, they played 60 minutes, not always a good 60 minutes, just way too many obstacles to overcome, to win consistently.

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I have a question, why does everyone think the Colts looked like a playoff caliber team against the Packers? They had a terrible first half then the Packers just played like a bunch of . in the second half. If they would've ran Alex Green 10 more times, the Colts would not have won that game. I think everyone knows that after watching the game against the Jets. Hey, it was a great win, an amazing win, but I don't think the Colts have shown they are playoff worthy in any assets of the game yet, including QB.

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When you outscore one of the NFL's (few) elite teams 27-6, in 1 half of football, including a 13 play-80 yd drive with minutes left in the game to secure a win, that would translate into a playoff caliber team, if that same success was seen the rest of the games, the point was they played that good for 1 half of football, but not the rest of the year, which I stated in the blog

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One of Lucks biggest strengths is his accuracy, I have read that quite often, although it may not look that way, I think that has alot to do with being a rookie and being pressured/hit/sacked, almost every time he drops back to attempt a pass-Arians evened mentioned that he is rushing some throws ( can't blame him for that-he is taking a beating this year) I have watched every game this year, at times, he has missed throws-overall he has played better than any rookie QB I have ever seen, including RG111

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Luck is not ACCURATE. Without Reggie making Luck look better, this is an 0-5 team.

RG3 is accurate.

Make no mistake RG3 has been solid in his play, but is not solid of build.....1 concussion already. That was my primary concern with him at Baylor, and the main concern at this level. How many will he/can he take?

NFL defenses want to put you on the sideline. I was glad to see RG3 back and at it this past week.....I will stick by number 12 just as I did number 18 in a 3-13 rookie year. Go Colts!

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