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Where the team is .....(game #6)



.500, for starters, which considering, is pretty good and the 3rd best record in the AFC (currently-talk about parity!)

The offense is lead by a soon-to-be-great QB, who is still learning the difference between professional and college football. He has at his disposal a very good arsenal of weapons to choose from. The running backs by committee, isn't really the problem, there is talent there, I really like Ballard and think he'll turn out to be a more than capable RB. The O-line on a good day, is at best, average and it hasn't been very impressive, partly due to the absence of the projected starting unit, which has yet to play a game together, Todays game was their best effort, to date, Luck still took a beating, but at least not on 50% of his pass attempts. The game plan seemed to be to try to emphasis the run (which is more often than not dictated by the opponent/and or score) and they ran for an impressive 148 yds (4.0) anytime the game is reasonably close, that kind of effort can be expected, not sure how many of those types of games there will be from here on out, led by Ballard's 84 yds, including an impressive 26 yarder, to ice the game, if the O-line can continue to improve, the offense should continue to grow.

The defense, at it's best, is average, they can dominate for a short period of time, is also being stretched by way too many guys missing time. Until the run defense gets better, on a game-to-game, consistent basis it really doesn't matter how many yards passing they give up. Very good effort today giving up 55 yds (3.2) I have been waiting for Zbikowski to make his mark, I really was hoping for an impact type of player, with his previous experience in this defense and today, he was making plays. With Freeney missing time and now Mathis, there really hasn't been much of a pass rush. Freeman led the way (tied with Bethea) with 6 tackles and has led the team, every game since being the starter, Vaughn has played well and given the unit a quality #3 corner. If everyone was healthy and playing , the results may be more stable, but that doesn't often take place in the NFL.

The special team have not shown much, no return game to speak of and inconsistent in coverage, with that being said, showed up today and completly shut down one of the leagues premier returners-Cribbs.

Where the team is..............is a work in progress- alot of things have to go right, to get a victory and the margin of error , is very small

Next up division rival Tennesee (3-4), at Tennessee


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I think it all comes down to your next to last sentence Colts7.

"Where the team is..............is a work in progress- alot of things have to go right, to get a victory and the margin of error , is very small"

I feel that if we could get some of the M.A.S.H unit healthy we could see more consistency where it really matters.....OL and DL.

I am with you on the backs...love Ballard, and really loved the heart Carter played with.

To win a game 17-13 in the NFL with the names Guy, Geathers, and Dixon playing key roles on the front is amazing. This team does not quit....and as you say is avg....in many phases of the game. This same team could be 4-2 heading into Tennessee....loving the effort. Loving the effort for Coach Pagano too from players, fans and management as well.

I look forward to good news in week 7 and another Colts7 blog!! :):thmup:

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that was really my main focus point this year, the team has some talent, as all nfl teams do, but i felt there was a lack of quality depth, which would be exposed over a 16 game season, injuries, as we know, are part of the game, having quality backups, is almost as important as having quality starters, its going to take time to REBUILD this roster.

Carter did look good as well and ..........no fumbles.

One thing this team has never lacked, is effort.

If this game had turned into a loss, it would have been huge- losing to the Jags and Browns, at home, would not do much for moral-but they managed to get the "W"

thanks Brent

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