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Verdict is...............parity



Classic example of............... whatever it takes, with the overtime win vs the Titans, the Colts stand at 4-3, 4th best record in the AFC. I have totally given up trying to make sense of anything I see each Sunday or where, any team is, at any point during the season. Maybe some of it can be explained by playing a divisional rival and those games are not the norm. Most of the year, there has been very little success running the ball, although it has looked better , of late. Today, the Colts ran wild, to the tune of 171 yds and a 5.0 avg. Ballard started , until the dreaded fumble put him in the doghouse ( for a short time) enter Brown who looked very good leading the way with 80 yds, Ballard added 55. There was running, when we needed to run , at the end of the game to win it, in goal line, when we needed a score (Carter), it seems like in the past our O-line excelled at pass blocking, moreso than run blocking, this unit is getting better and better at run blocking and has a loooooooooooooooooong way to go when it comes to protecting Luck. It doesn't hurt to have a very athletic QB, who is really making some key plays with his legs ( along with running for his life, at times) The offense totaled 457 yds, with Reggie once again leading the way (7-91)

The defense in classic bend but don't break fashion, gave up some yards, but not many points, the pass rush without Freeney and Mathis-both playing , seems non existent and Freemen is having a "year", led the way with 14 tackles-what a great pickup he has been.

Have I mentioned the special teams this year, in years past it was always the weak link, I have seen virtually nothing from any of the units............all year, the coverage units have been decent, the kicking sporatic and the return game is..........nowhere to be found.

If you haven't seen the game ending play, YOU NEED TO SOMEHOW-SOMEWAY watch it, I won't ruin the surprise, but it is....MUST SEE!!!

Next up, the Dolphins-also 4-3, at home, then the Jags-2 winnable games......6-3 heading into the annual showdown vs the patriots, an upset brewing...........wouldn't even surprise me................

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I have seen many great plays over the years, that has to be one of/if not the best I have seen!! WOW!! thanks for the link

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A little late to the parity party, but it seems you are spot on as I have agreed all year long Colts7! I would still like to have the JAX game back, but I will not complain!

Who would have thought the Dolphins and the Colts would have a key game in Week 9 as it relates to the AFC....Parity rules the AFC other than Texans, Pats and Broncs....all an injury away however.

Great post Nadine...thanks!! And always...thanks for the blog buddy!!! :)

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As always thanks for the comments Brent

that goes both ways, a few plays here or there and we could have beat the Jags and been 5-2 and a few plays here or there and we could have lost to the Vikes, Browns, Packers and Titans and been 1-6, think we have had some pretty good bounces...so far

Dolphins and Colts............big game, whoda thunk that

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