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5-3 ?! (game # 8)



5-3 at the halfway mark- I knew it..........not.

Tied for the 3rd best record in the AFC, the remaining 8 games-3 are probably losses ( patriots and texans (2) the other 5 are 50/50, which would leave a 7-9,8-8 record.............

As it does every week and will every week, for the next 10+ years, it starts and ends with Andrew Luck, it's hard to narrow down his attributes to one thing, but his knack for avoiding the rush and keeping a play alive is amazing, with the O-line trying to find it's groove, it's monumental-that's one of the reasons I expected him to become the leagues best-ever, he has it all and most of it all, at a higher level than any who has ever entered this league, total package (+) would be a good description, he passed for 433 yds and set the single game NFL rookie record and is on pace for a season total of 4800 which would shatter the single season NFL record (4051) and is currently 4 yds behind Brady for the league lead, although Brees plays monday night and should take the lead .Given time, any QB in the league would look very good, that's the key to success and with his athletic ability/toughness, to go along with his god given talent and off the charts intangibles, when he extends plays with his judgement and footwork, it's virtually impossible to stop him.

Not sure what the game plan was, but the running game wasn't a factor, until the end, not due to lack of success, but lack of run plays being called. Where was Reggie??? actually he had a good game (7-78-TD) but Avery and Hilton were the go to guys today, both hitting the century mark....Avery (108) Hilton (102-TD) and Allen (7-75) stepped up with Fleener out, 516 yds of total offense vs a team with a pretty good defense. I liked Ballard from day #1 and each week, he is making some incredible plays and he has IT!! he is becoming a bigger threat in the passing game as well, Carter is doing well in a limited role, with Brown not being 100%.

The defense is continuing the bend but don't break role, what happened to Freemen ( must be worn out) he totaled 2 tackles today, Bethea and Vaughn led the way (6) Mathis was back and had his 8th consecutive game with a sack, then left early with a back injury, Freeney also had a sack and it was great to see them both on the field at the same time and it is a factor.

The special teams............ I think it's time to re name that group for this team, would be great if they were ...even average, Zbikowski did look better on kickoff returns, than anyone to date.

A very short week, then the Jags at Jax- on thursday, that should take the record to 6-3 and a chance...........................

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