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Still looking for that sign (game #4)



I thought by the 5th or 6th game, there would be a pattern and we would have a pretty good idea where the team was at.........

The first 3 1/2 games , they looked pretty much the same, then..........came the second half of this weeks game and another team showed up, I am not sure which team is the real Colts, the next 2 weeks should help clear that up.....or not.

For whatever reason it happened, that was a good sign...or.....

to be down 21-3 vs a team that good, at the half and come back and win, is pretty amazing, for a any team, let alone a team filled with "new" and young.

It , for the next 10-15 years begins and ends with Andrew Luck, despite all the wholesale changes, this is the same team that we have seen the last decade+, I have not seen a QB come into this league and play like he has-ever, when your team's QB, is that good, you have a chance to win-any game, Luck won't be the determining factor-yet, that will depend on the supporting cast ( defense) if they play at or above average, the odds of winning will be much higher ( sound familiar)

The first half was dominated by the Packers, Luck was hit hard and often and once, I thought he would have to be carried off the field, that was one of the worst hits I have witnessed, not often does a QB get hit , when he has no idea he is about to get leveled and he was completly leveled and ...........didn't miss a beat (wow!)

The makeshift O-line (sound familiar) actually run blocked the best I have seen to date, but the pass blocking was still not anyone near good enough, Luck showed his toughness, as he has all year, that is a season ending injury waiting to happen, the O-line needs stability and continuity to excell and the revolving door, thus far, hasn't helped, not sure if it's lack of talent, they haven't played enough to really judge that, but it better get better, in a hurry.

Not sure I have seen a receiver play at the level Reggie is playing at, he is on a mission!! setting a career high with 212 yards,on 13 catches ( including another amazing one handed grab) and a amazing TD catch, which proved to be the game winner. The offense should continue to grow, each week, with Hilton, Allen and Fleener learning as they go, to compliment Reggie and Avery, that is an impressive group and Luck will make lots of plays, if giving the time to make them.

Whatever the defense ate, drank , heard or did , at halftime, needs to repeated the next 12 games, they played great in the second half, all teams are going to make plays, this is professional football. They too, should get better each week. I really didn't expect much from this side of the football, this year, which is one of the reasons I felt the team would struggle, one half of one game isn't enough to change what happened the first 3 1/2 games, but it's a start and if that continues.......They had 5 sacks, Freeney (welcome back) Mathis (again) Fokou and Redding (2) I didn't expect much from Redding either, not in year #11, but he has played well and his experience in the league and with this defense is immeasurable. Freeman led the way (again) with 8 tackles and Powers has really taken his game to the next level.

The kicking game has been sporatic, the coverage units are still a work in progress and the return game is still looking for that guy. When you win, none of that really matters, because it's not that relevant, that was quite a performance and a very good overall team win vs one of the better teams in the NFL, next up the Jets and their circus they call a team, I will be watching very close the next 2 weeks to see if it starts clearing up

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Thanks Colts7 on the updates. I didn't order NFL network so I don't get the games nor have I seen any highlites on any of the Colts games so your updates are very welcomed. Thanks again Colts7

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I am glad I go on to check the blogs. So much has been written on the forums that is meaningless and argumentative ...and soooooo many closed minds to football. Another super blog Colts7!

One area I am going to touch on here is your positive outlook to what has been slammed as such a mess of a line. While I agree it is "Makeshift," I see the Packers, Pats, Cardinals......really 80% of the teams are a mess at OL and I have never seen offensive line play this 'offensive.'. You are absolutely spot on on last week's performance as to the run blocking.

When we were still on Colts Direct, I mentioned AQ Shipley as a guy who needed a chance. He was solid all game, and when helping Link blew some serious holes 'right up the gut.' I thought AQ was the MV(OL)

I agree with everything here. Just wanted to point out Shipley. I hope the Jets effort vs. Texans wore off, and Luck and our ChuckStrong Colts go after them with intent to destroy!!! Thanks for the blog! :):colts: :colts: :colts:

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Thanks Brent

I try to call it as I see it, whether what I see is good or bad and also try to accept reality and not what I am want to see or hope to see, I had the usual pre conceived ideas on what the team would be like this year, but until we actually see them play, you never know for sure what you are going to get, I thought the offense would be good/very good and it has been, the have been mistakes and with all the youth, that's expected, the O-line , even with all of the projected starters playing would be average, at best and with all constant turnover, it's not looked good and Luck has been taking a beating, if he wasn't so athletic and mobil, it could be much worse.

The defense is playing better than I expected, they seem to play good , at times, but overall, not real impressive, then they turned it on this week, in the second half, I am not convinced they are really that good, but alot of the guys I didn't think that highly of, have played well, we will see.....

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I forgot to mention that in the blog, the guys who stepped up, Shipley, Linkenbach, Vaughn, Fokou, it was a big win and an awesome effort for Pagano

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I forgot to mention that in the blog, the guys who stepped up, Shipley, Linkenbach, Vaughn, Fokou, it was a big win and an awesome effort for Pagano

Fokou made some hits! We needed effort. I am not a Link fan, but he looks much more active at guard!! BTW...I know you...like me will always 'cal it as we see it....I would have it no other way!!! :)

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I wouldn't rush Satele back, and I'm not sure Shipley gives up the center spot when Samson's healthy. I thought he did well, and he's stouter than Satele. Link is definitely much better than Olsen, but I'll be happy when Reitz is back. Justice and Costanzo were rocky, but that probably had more to do with how well the Pack brings guys around the edge. We also benefitted a lot from Raji being out of the middle...

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part of the problem is guys missing-but not sure even with all of them in there, it would be good, but better, the group that played this week , as i mentioned did a really good job with run blocking- an upgrade, i have watched luck take a beating and thats not a good thing, that hit he took in that game was brutal, i know hes tough and hes a big guy, but he is also human...............i think

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Well done Ken. You are right about trying to figure out which team this is. Hope the progression is from practice, great coaching and game experience. Its is very ironic and you make a great point how "familiar" this all looks. Great QB with some good weapons, a not so good Oline and an inconsistent defense.. different faces/players,schemes and coaches yet same result. The LB`er play has been great, but never thought it would be Freeman and Fokou leading the way.Very impressive. And Reggie grabbing the headlines nationwide, he`s so deserving. Couldn`t be happier for that guy. He could have moved on to a team with guaranteed playoff hopes but stayed to help lay the groundwork of this reload.And might have a longshot to reach playoffs anyways..too soon to tell but sure better chance than last year at this point!

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