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Brian de la Puente



Bears sign top 5 ranked (free agent) center for $750,000 a year and we sign Phil Costa to a 2 year $2.7 million contract worth up $3.5 million in incentives. Why do we overpay?


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You are looking at it Backwards.

Why did NOONE want the guy?

Why did his former team not re-sign him for $900,000? lmao!

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My thoughts exactly a top 5 C as a back up. Come on man think about it. la Puente is overrated no one wanted him now he is a back up for the bears. I think Costa is a little better than he gets credit for on this forum.

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I realize la Puente may be somewhat overated, but he has much more experience and SUCCESS.  Costa has only started 20 games in 4 seasons, so he may have an upside.  I jam just a little frustrated with not making the center position the first hole to fill.  Luck has been getting to much pressure, and I would have a little more talent surrounding him that's all.


la Puente.....Pro Football focus rating.....+6.1(2013) +23.0 (2012) +6.1 (2011).....also the line won 2 Madden Most valuable Protectors Awards in 3 years.  started 32 games the last 2 years.


Costa.....(26 games his whole career) who does not even have a positive rating.....has not had a starting job since 2011....some snaps in 2012..... and just 1 in 2013. 

I am curious to why he even deserves more than 1 year deal (let alone MORE money than la Puente).  I would have signed Nicks to a 2 year deal over a guy that has not proven anything accept he can't even keep Brooke Hogan from pushing him backwards....lol  Does Grigs have BEER GOGGLES on when he looks at some of these players?  In the end I am just a Colts fan and I hope he is a diamond in the rough.  Go Colts!!!!!!!

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He had the Redskins, Giants, Falcons, Bucs and obviously the Bears looking at him.  Saints only had 2.7 mill of cap space and had to free some up $ and supposedly they felt like they had depth there.  Again I am not saying la Peunte is the best....Costa is just unproven, just like RJF, Walden, Toler, Landry (all of which have underperformed for the money)...those are the signings that drive me nuts, when Grigs has a check book and a hole to fill.  Grigs has made some GREAT signings in 2 years and I love a lot of them, but some make you scratch your head.  You win some and lose some.

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