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  1. I am here! I just saw your thread and yelled, "LucasOilStadium is back...woo-hoo!" *happy dance*

  2. I am most curious about WR (after Reggie), RBs and DBs. I also have hopes (and concerns) about the young o-line. I cannot wait to see how it all shakes out.

  3. I am very pleased that you like the new board. :) I think and hope we have found our forever home this time. I think we have a site that finally suits everyone.

  4. If it is the same photo you use on CD, I would be happy to resize it for you. *hug* I don't want to miss your posts.

  5. Jaric!!!! *happy dance*

  6. mod deleted comment from shaunzo due to rule violation

  7. Mom is finally home from the hospital. Still recovering, but doing better. YAY!

    1. coltfaninnewyork
    2. Coltssouth


      So glad to hear it. :)

    3. Peytongirl


      Thanks everyone!

  8. My mom is having major surgery on Monday. Any thoughts/good vibes that can be sent our way would be appreciated. :)

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    2. NM_Colts


      Keeping your mom and you all in my prayers.

    3. amazingcolts


      I will be glad to keep your mom in my prayers! :D

    4. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      She will be in my prayers

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  9. Nice to see you here, Joker!

  10. No problem at all! :) I will check out his profile.

  11. No problem. Just happy to see your smiling face and am happy to see you here whenever you have a chance. :)

  12. Nordstrom! Welcome back! :)

  13. Please contact Maureen if you need forum assistance.

  14. Sent you a message about your avatar. :)

  15. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for my mother and sister. Sis is better, mom has a very long road to recovery.

  16. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for my mother and sister. Sis is better, mom has a very long road to recovery.

    1. CR91


      i wish them both well

    2. Peytongirl


      Thank you so much. <3

  17. The 'friending' thing has been sporadic about working. So hopefully it worked this time around. :)

  18. Waiting to see Peyton in uniform again...

    1. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      I do to PG. Fingers crossed it happens.

    2. Girlzarefanstoo


      I really hope he gets a few more years out of that neck :-) then safely retires to a normal, healthy life.

    3. Peytongirl
  19. Welcome "Joan"! ;)

  20. Welcome back to your non-Patriot home. haha

  21. Welcome back...good to see your name here.

  22. Welcome to the forum!

  23. Welcome! Another name a I recognize. :)

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