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  1. Good pick up by the Colts. He did a very solid job, until he got injured. Then his back up, Cam Thomas, out preformed him. Really, Franklin is a victim of the youth movement in San Diego.
  2. Yesterday, Garay was fined $15K for hit on Brady. Today, Carter fined $15K for hit on Rivers.
  3. It was a battle. Patriots had two (red-zone?) interceptions and a goal-line turnover on downs, yet the Chargers were still alive. Down by only six, in NE territory. Then Tolbert coughed up the football. After that there was no coming back. It was a tall task going to NE for the home opener. I just wanted the Chargers to play mistake free-- and they didn't. Chargers will lick their wounds, and take it out on KC in Week 3.
  4. 42-34 That score raises some questions for both teams. Seriously, it reminds me of the 2009 opener-- Superbowl champs Steelers beat 13-3 Titans in a close game. It was very entertaining and hard hitting... then, neither one of them made the playoffs.
  5. I think it would be fitting for the Chargers to win the Super Bowl in Indy. Seriously, where a team wins a Super Bowl doesn't matter. Our divisional rivals, Broncos won the Super Bowl is San Diego, and it wasn't a big deal. The World Champs are the World Champs-- it doesn't matter if they win in your city, or Timbuktu.
  6. The truth is, Colts are a bigger question mark than the Texans. We know that the Texans will have a solid offense. Also, they've seemingly made some good moves on Defense. With the Colts, as long as Peyton Manning is out, you don't know what your're going to get one either side of the ball.
  7. Hello my fav Colts fan, glad to be back!

  8. I see a lot of respect from Colts fans for Bob. I went to Chargers practice last week, our fans aren't ignorant to the past-- and they're rooting for Sanders big time. When the scrimmage announcers gave Bob a shout out, the crowd went wild. That being said, Chargers starting Offense and Defense dominated the Seahawks. If this was a regular season game it would have been a blowout. It was pleasing to see them laugh like hyenas after they won.
  9. Nordstrom! Welcome back! :)

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