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  1. How did the jets vs. titans get a MNF game? Come on NFL, you guys are better then this. smh

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    2. BrentMc11


      We will be begging for football the day after the Super Bowl.....I admit...I could not watch that game. It hurt my eyes. :)

    3. southwest1


      Once I saw which teams were playing, I immediately turned off my TV & I never miss any opportunity to watch NFL Football. Both the Titans & especially the Jets make me break out in yawns...

    4. MAC


      I don't know, I can't watch a comedy before bedtime.

  2. This song fits todays tragic events so well.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avjoQe-8lJ0/repeat

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    2. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Thanks amazingingcolts, for posting very uplifting and fits so very well.

    3. PrincetonTiger
    4. southwest1


      Pretty voice, nice piano accompaniment, & a fitting tribute amazingcolts. :)

  3. So this is what we get for the finale of Thursday night football? *sigh*

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    2. Fx Stryker

      Fx Stryker

      Could be better, but all season the games have been "meh." The Eagles future seems bright with Foles.

    3. amazingcolts


      yes, I say vick is done in philly. Well, at least in the starting role anyways.

    4. BrentMc11


      Around March and April we were salivating for some football :) ANY football.....:)

  4. is that chat open tonight?

  5. was the chat shut down early tonight?

    1. chrisfarley


      good question, did they?

    2. Nadine


      it was open for the whole colts game and for a while after. Could you not get in?

    3. amazingcolts


      I was in for the colts game, but when I tried to go in later, it said it wasn't opened?

  6. Is the chat going to be open tonight?

    1. Fx Stryker

      Fx Stryker

      Was wondering the same thing.

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