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  2. After Peyton's words to Phil B. 'Tell the fans I appreciated them too.' (or words to that effect), I realized that there are no words to THANK Peyton and there are no ends to my appreciation for him and what he means to this game. I am a fan of the game, I am a fan of Peyton. I am a fan of the greatest player to ever play this game (on and better yet - OFF the field). I always will be. Nothing will change that. No team logo, no team colors, nothing. PeytonGirl forever

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    2. southwest1


      God, broke the mold when he made Peyton...humble, hardworking, incredibly kind to those less fortunate than himself, & a master at the line of scrimmage; there is only 1 Yoda IMO.

    3. mom terp

      mom terp

      i agree with you.

    4. MIColtsFan
  3. From a Colt to a Bronco, our favorite son is all grown up now.

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    2. Peytongirl


      I am not sure if my heart is quite ready for exact Broncos colors yet, so I went back to my VOLS orange mixed with my Colts blue. Nostalgia to take the edge off and ease me into the future. :)

    3. Gramz


      ^^^ "like"

    4. MIColtsFan


      very clever!

  4. Happy Anniversary to Peyton & Ashley!

    1. Gramz


      Nice... Happy Anniversary <3

    2. southwest1


      #18 & his lovely wife celebrate their marriage vows today. Really? Sweet!!!!

    3. presto123


      Happy Anniversary baby.........got you on my miiiiiiiihiiiiiind! Congrats to Peyton and Ashley.

  5. dazed....confused

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    2. Coltssouth
    3. MAC


      Excellent choices, no problem:

      Dazed and Confused:


      Any other requests?

      I have one.......

      Please don't go!

    4. MIColtsFan


      head spinning!

  6. *happy dance* There is no off season for video games!
  7. I feel very similar. I want Peyton's future health for his family to be paramount. But I also never want to see him in another uniform nor do I want to be put in the position of rooting for my team or my favorite player. I think I would be literally ill to see him go elsewhere. He needs to be here until he retires. I don't think Peyton will play if he doesn't think he can play to the best of his abilities. Good post .
  8. Congrats on the SB win....another for the Mannings!!! woot woot

  9. Happy for your clearance Peyton, now hit the field. ;) YAY!!!!

    1. mom terp

      mom terp

      sounds great.nice to hear he is back on the field.very happy for him.have a great day.just miss you lots , peyton girl.

  10. Waiting to see Peyton in uniform again...

    1. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      I do to PG. Fingers crossed it happens.

    2. Girlzarefanstoo


      I really hope he gets a few more years out of that neck :-) then safely retires to a normal, healthy life.

    3. Peytongirl
  11. Congrats to the team for the win & to the Orlovsky's on the triplets!

  12. Good win today...couldn't have been against better opponent, IMHO. XD

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