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  1. Injuries have little to do with giving up 42pts in a half. Blaming this debacle on injuries is about the same as blaming global warming on babies farting. This is about players either underachieving or being not very good and coaches getting out coached.
  2. I would happy if that were the result. Sure I want them to with the SB like everyone else, but beating NE twice (assuming reg season win due to colts home field) and making the SB would be nice.
  3. They haven't been in any other Patriot game since Luck has been here so that would be a nice change.
  4. I see no valid reason why anyone would want to trade Boom. At worst he is a descent backup and RB depth has been an issue the past few years. I see no reason to make the roster weaker by trading an average proven NFL player for a late round pick in the hopes he works out.
  5. I mean he was sixth in the entire NFL in tackles. 140 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 FF fumble, 4 Fumble recoveries, and 1 TD. You want to get rid of him because he is average? He isnt JJ Watt but get out of her man. You should submit your resume to all 32 teams as a possible GM candidate, don't forget to include you have a bleacher report app on your resume.
  6. If you are going to cut guys, especially ones that made a pro bowl (laugh all you want). You need to have an idea on who you are going to get to replace them. Who do you think we are going to get to replace these guys? Are we going to get every free agent target we want for the money we have to spend? I am so glad the posters on forums aren't real front office folks.
  7. Is this actually legal? Could it be considered tampering since Suh is a Lion still? I know he is not specifically asking him to be a Colt but still.
  8. The Colts have better WR group under contract now than either of the two teams in last years SB. There are more pressing matters. 1 - TY 2 - Moncrief 3 - Wayne 4 - Carter 5 - Whalen Maybe re-sign Nicks, I would be ok with that. No need for a big splash. Spend that $$ on defense.
  9. Oh you mean the Baltimore team we beat earlier in the year? yeah we had no shot if we faced them.
  10. He sure lit it up at Denver. I mean in two years he won the same number of games as Pagano did his rookie year with Indy. That .393 win pct sure makes me think he is the next Belichick.
  11. This forum is so funny at times, I wonder how many folks even remember what it was like to be a Colts fan before 1998. I sure as heck do. It wasn't much fun being awful nearly every year. How about we take a step back and be thankful we are in the position we are in instead of criticizing everyone in our organization. It is really old watching people who in most cases have never even played football outside of High School at best think they can do a better job that those who do it for a living. Its comical really. Grigson gets bashed all the time but he sure put a lot of talent on the
  12. How are people really saying Wilson has no blame on throwing that ball? Sure it was a bad play call but that doesnt mean you cant throw it away when you see the DB charging to cut it off. It was clear as day, the dude was eyeing the ball the second Wilson let it go. You cant throw into traffic at the end of the SB 2 yds from winning the game. Throw the ball away, fight to live another day. It was an awful pass, throw it to the guys back shoulder so if he cant get it, no one can. Sure its easy to play Monday morning QB, but that was a terrible pass. If that was Peyton who had throw
  13. Who cares, he is done here anyway. Does it really matter if he was suspended or not? He wasn't playing even if he took the plane ride to NE.
  14. Being nice has nothing to do with why Manning has only one ring. Love Peyton, ever grateful for what he has done for this City and organization, but he didnt rise to the occasion and deserved a lot of blame for those loses.
  15. I'm sorry the people who think Grigson is doing a bad job or want him fired just don't understand NFL football. You think Seattle's D was built in three years from scratch? They certainly drafted guys who have been excellent but the LOB was mostly there before Wilson. Coaches and GM's dont go from the #1 pick to the AFC Championship game if they are awful. Do some of you realize what this team was when he took over? Talk about Monday morning quarterbacks that have no clue how to scout players or deal with the salary cap ramifications. The both talked Wayne into staying instead of g
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