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  1. Another thing Kenny, where were the draw plays and screens? Luck did throw a bad screen pass over the middle to Gore that he couldn't catch, he could have ran that forever, that was on Luck. Luck wasn't sharp anyhow, he knew it. My boy Johnny U. had a field day on teams that blitz and rushed hard with Screens and Draws! Pep need to go to Unitas school.!!! Jeffro
  2. You know Kenny I'm thinking if not for that bogas holding penalty on that first drive I think we would have been fine, especially if we would have scored on that initial drive. I think the jury is out on Pep, don't really think he can handle all the toys. Maybe its time for Andrew to start calling his own plays. I'm thinking we ought to go no huddle/2 min drill, as much as we can the WHOLE game. I'm really liking Anderson and Parry on the D-Line, well as of now anyhow. Hell we haven't won a road opener since 2006, so no biggy, right? With the Jets coming in and a Titans road game after that, we could be looking at an 0-3 start, OMG!! LOL! No I'm looking for Luck and the Gang to have a big one next week on "Monday Night Football"! And it was great seeing you at Colts Training Camp this year, we had fun! DaddyJ/Jeffro
  3. Great tribute to one of the all time best NFL receivers ever to play the game!! Really good poem William/Jag/Maurice/Jaggededge, thanks buddy! Jeffro
  4. LET'S GO COLTS!!!! Be fun watching our new guys vs. Eagles.

  5. Hey Kenny it's been awhile!! How ya doin' Bud? Hope all is well.!! Kat and I are doing great!! Missed you at Camp again!! Great Blog, I don't think Landry should automatically get back his job, even though he's got that big contract. Sergio is really helping this "D" alot!! Hey Man....I'm startin' to think we got a shot!!!!!! LET'S GO COLTS Jeffro
  7. Sorry I'm late Andy, but I'll be here from now on Buddy, thanks for all the hard work!! LET'S GO COLTS!!!
  8. Dallas Indianapolis Buffalo N.Y. Jets New Orleans Washington Chicago San Francisco Detroit San Diego Arizona Pittsburgh Denver Baltimore Green Bay
  9. No I haven't for awhile, he's a good friend and I need to check on him! I really loved playing his contest, I'll try and reach him. Jeffro1947
  10. We had a Blast at Colts Training Camp and Springs Valley Campground!! We were so happy to see everyone again!!
  11. Hi Colts family, we're leaving in the morning (Fri), going to check into the Campground first and then make our way over to Training Camp, be there around 1pm. LET's GO COLTS!!!!! Jeffro
  12. We have Cabin #2 at Springs Valley Campground Aug. 3rd. and 4th, hope to see everyone then!! LET'S GO COLTS!! Jeffro
  13. Hi Chaz and Jayman, do you guys know the exact days of training camp yet? I want to get a cabin Aug 3-4 but I need to make sure they will be there, I'm pretty sure they will be because the first preseason game is Aug. 12. I sure hope you guys can make it the 3-4th!!!
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