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  1. Know your a fan, when you like the Indianapolis Colts because they are a classy organization.
  2. I was answering this question for my wife the other day. She doesnt see why I need so many jerseys.. I asked her why she needed so many shoes. each year I get two jerseys this years jerseys are still debatable. Manning- home, away, probowl, camo, black Addai - home Brown - home Wayne - home Freeney- home away mathis- home Clark - black Brackett- home Bethea - home Saturday - home Hughes- home Collie- home garcon- home Bullit- home Powers- home Looking for castonzo and ?????? this year... Any suggestions.. I want one you dont see everyday.
  3. Welcome to the forum!

  4. I actually spend about half of my life in Tennessee. I am a musician and with Nashville being the songwriting capitol of the world, and the hub for Country Music I am down that way a lot. The group and I receive so much crap for being colts fans from all of our promoters, Publicist, and Management teams. If taking some heat from a division rival fan base is what I have to do to sell some records, then by golly I'll do it. Nice to meet some many Colts fans from all over the place.
  5. Thank you, I am glad to finally be a member. I have been reading for YEARS now. Alot I need to learn as far as all the cool stuff goes on here. :) lol Thanks for the nice comment and I look forward to talking to you soon!!!

  6. Welcome!!! I really enjoyed your post and am so glad that you have joined us.

  7. I was lucky enough to see this guy play a handful of games NCS. At 6'6" and 295 lbs, I think its a brilliant move for Houston. This guy is an incredible athlete and while he may not do wonders for the pass coverage he will make an large impact as a pass rusher and run stuffer (non stop blitzing) I personally think this was a move to help them stop Backs such as CJ and MJD. They know if they can limit the ability of these backs that they face twice a year each, that it will only improve the chances for Houston to finally make that play off run.
  8. I am a long time reader --- newer poster on the Colts Forum. I am not exactly sure if this is the correct section for this topic, but it is relating to Colts Football, so I'm going for it! I personally want to say thank you to all the fans on here who continuously update with news, videos, heck even the rumors. I am a huge Colts fan, and admire what this team has down for the city I call home. But without other die-hard fans out there I would honestly be left out of the loop on a lot of the up to minute stuff. Thanks fans, for the constant updating, wishful thinkings, and laughs. Here i
  9. What rivalry? Are you kidding me???
  10. You'll know when the playoffs start. Its when the accountants and gm's for all these other teams start shaking there head and making excuses as to why these contracts, trades, and rentable players just didn't work for them.
  11. How very depressing to see so many discussions about how the Colts can't do this, and can't do that.... You guys call yourselves fans??? Why do so many people look to the past for reasons why this team can't be successful in the future? Obviously, I know people are upset because the Colts aren't as active in free agency as we would like. I know Peyton Mannings contract is a big issue for everyone. I am worried/concerned/intrigued just as much as the next person.... But this is still a team that has ALWAYS found a way to win with guys that are to small, to short, or simply overlooked. Go
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