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  1. I wrote earlier that Banogu is not on your list, but after looking at it again, your list includes only DTs. So, I get it. The same guy wrote that Banogu has the highest Sparq score among EDGE prospects this year.
  2. Thank you for sharing that. I see that Banogu is not on your list (edit: your list only has DT. A Vikings fan thought he compared favorably to the aforementioned Danielle Hunter. He wrote: Banogu height 6’3.5 weight 250 40 4.62 vertical 40 broad 134 3-cone 7.02 20 yd sh 4.27 bench 23 Hunter height 6’5 weight 252 40 4.57 vertical 36.5 broad 130 3-cone 6.95 20 yd sh 4.47 bench 25 I know nothing about Banogu, but I did read an article about the TCU Pro Day. I came away from the article thinking that the scouts and player personnel folks were not impressed. They seemed to like Collier.
  3. Lol. That's pretty meh compared to some of the players in this draft. Jaylon Ferguson had 26 in 13 games. Level of competition was not great but it is still impressive. Gerald Willis of Miami and Ben Banogu of TCU and others are pretty high up there too for DL in this draft. https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/individual/39
  4. Thanks for sharing this great stuff. This is very interesting. I recall @Dustin writing that he thought Danielle Hunter was a good prospect coming out of college but that he had few sacks. This article made me wonder what Hunter's TFL were when he was in college. Sure enough, he had 13 TFL in 13 games his last year in college. He had only 1.5 sacks. I recently saw a re-drafting of the 2015 draft. Whoever wrote it had Hunter going first overall. We drafted him in the 3rd but many questioned that pick. Given his Combine and his age (19 when drafted), I thought he was a good pick.
  5. Ok. Thank you. It must be a problem with the website. I thought I was getting that because I was accessing this on mobile, but when I accessed it on my laptop, it was the same.
  6. Anyone else besides me seeing no one else logged in on the site. I know Hozer and CBE are logged in because they posted comments but on the home screen and on this page, it shows only me logged in. I am bewildered.
  7. Mets are playing the Cards this weekend. Jacob deGrom is on the IL (inactive list); so he will miss his start today. Some guy from Triple A is pitching. The Mets did hang on last night to win. I swore the bullpen would give it up in the 8th. With 1 out and a man on third, we managed to get the last 2 outs. I think the Cards got someone on third again in the 9th but we managed to get out of it. Good win against a good team with our 5th starter.
  8. I don't recall Willis being drafted in this mock draft.
  9. Ok. That is my pick. Thanks. I am still at the presentation but my part has ended.
  10. I am ready. My presentation is over. Is Julian Love still available. @danlhart87
  11. @csmopar is on the clock for the Seahawks until tomorrow at about 9.
  12. I was not watching it, as I am still putting finishing touches on my presentation. Most of my PowerPoint went in last week. I was asked to add something else. Lots of legal stuff -- I'm not a lawyer. Lol. Anyway, goodnight all.
  13. deGrom and the Mets are losing. 3-1 I'm going back to preparing for my presentation. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to that. Have a good night.
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