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[Rapoport] The Eagles extend DeVonta Smith


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    • Personally I think Thomas got pressed into playing before his time. He did a few things we didn't expect initially considering his draft position. I think ideally they wanted to take their time and train him up sorta like EJ Speed then get him out there.  I'm interested to see how he regroups to be honest.
    • How bout this? Draft better and u build a play off caliber team. Ain't rocket science. 
    • Look im not gonna say Ballard haven't had his own issues, but the guy has been put in an impossible position particularly every year.   2017 - He has a lame duck for a head coach when we all knew was gonna get fired and was drafting for his scheme so I'll give him a pass.   2018 - Arguably his best draft getting two All-pros and a stalwart at RT. He gets to sign his choice of a head coach and is left at the alter at the 11th hour which in hindsight was a blessing in disguise. Drafted Tyquan Lewis, Hines, and Franklin who all have or had great years here. Andrew Luck was back and playing like an MVP.   2019 - Horrible draft. No excuses. It was his worst draft as a GM, but he did find a gem in Speed. Luck retiring a week before the season starts would put any GM in a tough spot so once again I'll give him a pass.   2020 - His second best draft getting Pittman, Taylor, and Blackmon. Signed Rivers and traded for Buckner and won 11 games. Unfortunately lost to the Bills in the playoffs.   2021 - I honestly can't tell for certain what happened in terms of QB. Ive heard Rivers was supposed to re-sign, but choice to retire. I've heard he was pushed to retirement as the colts wanted to go in a different direction which was apparently Stafford before the Rams came in last second. I heard Reich pushed hard for Wentz saying he can fix him against the wishes of Ballard. If you ask me, I think Stafford was plan A as Stafford himself said him and his wife were so convinced he was going to Indy that they started looking at homes. When that fell through, imo Reich lobbied for Wentz. Whatever it was, Wentz was the guy and the QB carousal was supposedly stopped at least we thought. A god-like season for Taylor was not enough to save Wentz from ultimately being traded and you can chalk that one on whomever Reich or Ballard depending on what story you want to believe. In terms of the draft, Paye and Dayo have been reliable players on the dline, Granson you can make an argument is our best TE, and Fries came into his own last year.   2022 - Just an overall disaster of a season. Went the bandage route again at QB trading for Matt Ryan and you can say the colts did him no favors in terms of oline protection and JT getting hurt, but that was a failed trade for a miserable season. 2022 draft is still under elevation, but Pierce and Woods did show potential as rookies and Raimann looks to be the LT of the future.   2023 - Ballard finally gets to draft a QB to tether him to and Richardson plays a grand total of 12 quarters. It just seems like Ballard can not catch a break when it comes to QBs, but from I've seen from Richardson, I have very high expectations.
    • Hi Colts fans,   Yeah, I know, I know.  I was just as surprised as you were.  No clue why my good friend Jim Irsay would call me up and offer me the head coaching job.  I had to remind him.  Dude, I said, you do know that I've never coached at all at the NFL level.  Not coordinator.  Not even position coach.  Nothing.  It didn't seem to matter.  It was as if all that was required was for me to be good friends with the owner, and -- bazinga! -- I could be a head coach.   It was awkward, you know.  That first coaches meeting.  There was Gus Bradley.  And there was John Fox.  Both of them had been head coaches.  Heck, both of them had coached in a Super Bowl!  Yet here I was, promoted to be their boss, having never coached before.  Ever.   But, you know, Bud Grant did it.  So, why not?  Remember, I have a way of doing things.   Ok, sorry, I couldn't help but giggle.  I have a way of doing... what, exactly?  Things?  Things like coaching?  I have a way of coaching?  And how did I develop that way?  By actually, you know, coaching?   Anyway, I'm glad you have a new head coach.  One who has actually coached before.  And his experience doing that is bearing fruit.  I'm just glad I'm already in the Ring of Honor.  Because after what happened, I doubt that I would ever be accepted in by the fans, regardless of how I was as a player.  Heck, they would have put Andrew Luck in before they would even consider me.   In the meantime, I'm back at ESPN, attempting to "un-burn" bridges.  It can happen.  I heard Bud Grant did that once....   Regards, Jeff Saturday
    • We certainly have options as both DB draftees started at FS as well as CB in college. Perhaps Thomas ‘could’ revert back to CB as well?
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