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The arrogance and possible fall of the Titans


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Living in Nashville, TN, I hear all that goes on in Titans country. Today they had media present at OTAs for the first time, and offensive coordinator Tim Kelly was questioned by the media about the WR room, or lack thereof in TN. 


His response was very similar to how their HC operates in Vrabel, with arrogance. He went on to say they are happy with their WR core as it stands, and that the Nashville media needs to stop focusing on the negative. The reality is, outside of Treylon Burks, they have nothing at WR. Paul Kuharsky, who covers the Titans, then basically asked why he feels the way he does about the other WRs outside of Burks. Kelly's answer will make Colts fans laugh. He went on to praise the single game where Nick Westbrook-Ikine had a good catch or two, or another singular game where Kyle Philips had a good 1 or 2 catches that moved the chains. He fails to mention the other 17 games of the season where they did nothing of note. So Kelly is banking on the hope that they as a coaching staff can get those no name WRs to make those flash in the pan plays on a consistent basis, which is just laughable. I realize what else is he supposed to say in front of media, but its all the time with the Titans coaching staff under Vrabel. 




Yet another reason why I feel the Titans franchise could be in for a freefall, especially if Levis doesn't work out. 

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to be fair, Nick Westbrook has shown more than flashes, and Kyle Phillips has been developing as well. 


Also, it's normal for every fan base or coaching staff to praise their players in off-season. Kinda like how Pittman is referred as tier 1 WR in the article posted on another thread here. 


Problem with Titans offense is they are run first team, and like many defensive coaches Vrabel is relying on running game when the game has evolved so much. Their deficiency was evident last season as Henry got stopped in 4th quarter or normally in second half of many games, and they lost those games where they needed to score fast to either sustain slender lead or had to catch up with opponents' scoring. 


I felt there was arrogance in the way they let some of their key players go, and the inexplicable firing of former GM in the middle of the season and their subsequent free fall in the playoff race. 


I think they're trying to rebuild the roster after they couldn't handle contact structures in recent years and if their QBs don't do well, they're looking at a rebuild that could go on for few years. 

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