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Redskins/cowboys Have Cap Space Taken Away

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Neither team broke any rules and the league has stated that this penalty is "not a violation" or some ^cowpatties^ like that. Apparently there was some sort of loose agreement between owners that they wouldn't abuse the flexibility offered by a capless year. The messed up part is that the league APPROVED the contract moves made by each team in 2010 without a peep and made no bones about it in 2011. Evidently, though, some owners complained when they saw the Redskins cap figure this year and decided to cry foul.

I can understand the penalty to a degree but the way it has been handled is absolutely rotten. Reeks of Goodell overreaching and the usual small market vs. larget market tiff between owners.

Edit: I should add that the $10 and $36 million penalties come almost entirely from a grand total of three restructured contracts (DeAngelo Hall, Albert Haynesworth, and Miles Austin).

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well sounds like Redskins just cant catch a break anywhere, first they had alot of talent and cant win squat and now 36 million dollar hit HOLY ####!

The good news (to use the term very loosely) is that the $36 million can be split up between the next two seasons. With some creative cap accounting the Skins could still find themselves a good $20 million under the cap while absorbing slightly more than half of the blow this year.

It's interesting seeing people dredge up examples of other teams making similar moves to pay big in 2010 without retribution (e.g., the Bears with Julius Peppers) and formulate all manner of conspiracy theory (e.g., only NFCE teams being hit hard when John Mara is the new head of the NFL Management Council), though.

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