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What Effect Will A New Gm Have On Our Offseason?


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With a new GM coming into town, I wonder if the colts will stick by the "build through the draft" philosiphy. A new GM could mean some major changes for this orginizaton as far as the draft and free agency goes. Does anyone think that Irsay will find a GM that will follow the colts beaten path? Or will we let whoever we get run loose with the orginization and do things there way. How do you feel if we make a big splash in the FA market?

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Mr Irsay is communicating, he is willing to rebuild the team, perhaps by involving young (or at least younger) personnel. I think new GM will be forced to make a big splash in this offseason, as major decisions are waiting for him, like Caldwell's job, #1 draft pick, Manning/Luck constellation or controversy...

When we will have known our new GM, we will know what kind of impact we can expect.

I expect a revolutionary pick on GM.

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This is what makes it so exciting!! We don't know what direction the team will go. We could change philosophies on both side of the ball especially if Manning isn't healthy. Who knows where we are headed. I know this, I am very excited to be a Colts fan and am anxiously awaiting an announcement. I'm confident that Irsay will put the personnel in place to turn this franchise back around.

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