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If Curtis Painter


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Can Dan be THAT bad? What can we possibly lose by going with another QB? I know one thing we can gain by sticking with Painter, and it start with a 0 and ends with a 16.

I guess so or else not going to him doesn't make any sense if the Colts are honestly trying to win. Remeber right now Orlovsky is the only QB to be the starter of an 0-16 team so clearly he's flawed too.

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Man....these threads...

I'm waiting for topics like "Caldwell could win, but the team doesn't wants" or "CIA wants Colts 0-16"

Face it, this year this team is such bad, and it has a real chance that the team will stand with 0-16 at the end of the year.

I only hope, we will gain 1 or 2 wins anyhow, and team will be better next season.

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