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We Play Carolina Sunday & They Lose More Defensive Players Besides The 5 Already


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Video says Carolina win less on the road since 2009 & play at Lucas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Ron Rivera arrived in Carolina with a reputation for transforming good defenses into great ones, which makes this season all the more frustrating for the first-year head coach.

There are some things even experts can't fix -- like a surplus of injuries.

Five players have gone down with injuries, including three starters. Several other players have missed games forcing the Panthers to start nine different defensive lineups in 10 games.

And now the problem may be getting worse.

Rivera said defensive end Charles Johnson, the $76.5 million pass rusher who leads the team with seven sacks, was scheduled to have an MRI after taking a shot to back of the shoulder Sunday and linebackerOmar Gaither re-injured his knee.


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John Clayton writes of Carolina, "The Panthers are vulnerable in the middle of field because they start two rookie defensive tackles and have lost virtually all of their linebackers to injury. Those holes in the defense allowed the Lions' Kevin Smith, who was out of football a few weeks ago, to rush for 140 yards on 16 carries and score three touchdowns."

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A big game is needed from our running backs, cause Painter can't move the ball, and they need to combine to close to 175 yards, which is possible. Let's remember that the Panthers do put up a crap load of points each game, but their D let's them down. Our offense isn't very good, and that's why I'm saying they need a great game from the RBs or it's another loss. The D has to step it up too and at least hold and Cam and the gang to 20ish points.

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