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Colts Recap -- Week 10


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Sorry here's the full thing:

What the Colts did Right

The Colts did quite a bit of things right. Jerraud Powers continued his strong play, shutting down his receiver, and getting an interception. Donald Brown also continued his good play, getting some nice runs off. Jacob Tamme had a very good game, and the same with Patrick Angerer ( :) ).

On offense, the only thing that was good was the play of Donald Brown. He had some nice runs and some good catches. He's really turning into the running back we all expected him to be. Jacob Tamme had 7 catches for 87 yards, which is very good, especially with Painter.

On defense, the pass defense was tremendous. I can honestly say that the Colts only allowed 2 or 3 "big" passes, in the sense that they got 20 yards out of it and a first down. The pressure was very good throughout the game, not just by Freeney and Mathis, but by Anderson and Brayton. Although on paper, it looked like they had a hard time stopping the ball, they really didn't. MJD had a lot of carries and he didn't really take off a any runs. They did a good job containing him. The defense played well enough to win this game.

What the Colts did Wrong

The Colts put up 3 points, so the offense is to blame for this loss. Curtis Painter is getting worse and worse as the year goes on. He didn't get much help as the offensive line was horrible throughout the game, letting their mediocre pass rush sack him 4 times and Painter was already playing badly. If they played better, it would have given Painter more time and he would have been able to find his receivers. Although Curtis' accuracy stats weren't horrible, those who watched the game can agree, that he can't make reads or NFL throws, which are intermediate zips (if you know what I mean). He played badly. The offensive line and Painter were bad on offense.

On defense, Tyler Brayton's one play that gave them a first down was one of the only bad things on defense. Mathis sacked the QB, but Brayton got a stupid penalty that gave them a first down. Kevin Thomas was beat on a couple of times, and a couple of miss tackles are the only that was bad on defense.

The play calling was horrendous. Jim Caldwell went very run heavy on some drives, and the play calling was very obvious. A fan watching football for the first time could predict the plays. They ran way too much on 2nd down, and it made 3rd downs very difficult to overcome, as sometimes the first down marker would be 10 or 11 yards away. Terrible play-calling, they need to mix up the pass and the run more effectively. Don't go run heavy on a drive then pass heavy on another, it's just stupid. Lots needs to change, and thank goodness they have the bye week to work it out.

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