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I play salary cap FF..I tried to be sneaky but it backfired.

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I'm currently ranked 311 in the world, and leading my division by around 500 points..(I can choose any player for my QB, 2RB,2WR/TE and Team D...M original cap was 35 Million, but with performances, going into this week, I had it up to 38.19 mil


I took a flyer on Hoyer at 1.52 mil, so I could upgrade my other spots..(I got a whopping 43 points)..


I still have a good shot though to have a great week..return yards count and its PPR as well


QB Brees 12.01mil

QB Hoyer 1.52 mil......43 points

RB Sproles 7.06 mil

RB Bush 6.71 mil

WR/TE Welker 5.9 mil

WR/TE Blackmon 2.54 mil


Team D Colts 1.61 mil (up from 1 mil when i got them)


(Note these aren't the prices I acquired them for..prices go up and down each week...do..If I get Brees at say 10 mil..and now he's worth 12..I can sell him at 12 and make the 2 mil profit towards other layers, but I can't get him back at what I originally paid for,,,)


Las week I took 2 flyers..Bernard pierce who only got me 20 points..and Ryan Broyles who got me 0 and I still ended up with 2142 points and moved up appx 500 spots..so anyhting is possible..


last weeks team..


Cutler 275

Brees 639

Sproles 477

Welker 286

Colts D 445 points

Pierce 20

Broyles 0


I've been playing for 6 years now..and have never been worse that in the top 923 percentile out of thousands of players...I love this game..but I spend 20 bucks, so I can get 25 extra trades each year..You can win a prize for the top picks but chances of that are like hitting powerball..You don't have to buy new trades..but I do to stay competitive,,,Its something I really enjoy..


Here is the top 6 in my division


AmishRake Fight    311         $38.19M       7322.00 2 

dblockrock 977 $38.03M 6823.00 3 

BrassMonkeys 1168 $33.26M 6741.00 4 

wiljr623 1686 $38.09M 6537.00 5 

wicks333 1889 $38.89M 6458.00 6 

countryed 3472 $34.65M 5958.00 7 

bob4584 4097 $35.77M 5772.00



My goal this year is top 100...doubt if I'm going to make it..closest i ever got was 107


I'm not looking forward to next week..trying to get a good priced QB, now that Manuel is out..Might just have to pick up Matt Cassel...and pray i can keep the rest of this nucleus.

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    • Well done.  I like it - good analysis.  We’re all wondering about Kelly, but if he retires (or is leaning that way by the draft) then I think we need to draft an IOL early.  I’m making the assumption that Kelly hangs on one more year, but I’m still drafting a 3rd round IOL, bc French has been pretty meh in relief…
    • Yep and while I agree with Tepper, I put more of the blame on Reich. Not because of his time here or any ill feelings, I think he’s a fine man. And I think he could be a head coach. IF he’d let his coordinators coordinate the offense and defenses around the players strength and then stay as a game manager/overseer . But he won’t do that and won’t accept thinking about doing it. 
    • I think a lot of this stuff is true.    I also believe it's fairly clear that pretty much everyone involved had a part in the Panthers failing. I'm sorry, but it's clear Reich isn't a great HC. It's safe to say Tepper and his GM are also just as guilty. The GM gave up everything to get Young, and then surrounded Bryce with nothing to work with.    And Tepper is clearly meddling too much, and has created a bad culture in the organization. You cannot create stability if you're firing your coaches every year... Between his MLS and NFL franchises after this season is over he will have hired 10 head coaches in 8 seasons...    Reich deserved to be fired and he knew it was coming. Rhule deserved to be fired, the team was going nowhere with him. We knew Rivera was a lame duck coach the second Tepper bought the team. The firings were warranted, sure. But at the same time this isn't how you create stability around your shiny new QB... Now Bryce will have to learn a new offense next season, build relationships and trust with another staff. His development might already be screwed up now.    The real question is this: even if he manages to hire the right guy next time, will Tepper be able to stay out of the way and allow his employees to breathe? Or will he continue to be in the locker room, the training room, the film sessions, the scouting pro days and more? 
    • Imagine where this team would be if we blitzed more.    If you don't want to click on the link:    NFL standings ordered by total team sacks 1. Baltimore Ravens: 47 2. Buffalo Bills: 41 3. Miami Dolphins: 38 4. Dallas Cowboys: 37 5. Kansas City Chiefs: 37 6. Indianapolis Colts: 36 7. Los Angeles Chargers: 36 8. Washington Commanders: 35 9. Cleveland Browns: 34 10. San Francisco 49ers: 33 11. Minnesota Vikings: 32 12. Philadelphia Eagles: 32 13. Arizona Cardinals: 32 14. Pittsburgh Steelers: 32 15. Seattle Seahawks: 32 16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 31 17. Tennessee Titans: 29 18. Cincinnati Bengals: 28 19. Las Vegas Raiders: 28 20. New York Jets: 28 21. Green Bay Packers: 26 22. Los Angeles Rams: 25 23. New England Patriots: 24 24. Jacksonville Jaguars: 24 25. Houston Texans: 24 26. Denver Broncos: 23 27. Detroit Lions: 23 28. Atlanta Falcons: 22 29. New York Giants: 21 30. New Orleans Saints: 18 31. Carolina Panthers: 18 32. Chicago Bears: 17   The Colts currently have the sixth-most sacks on the season with 36. The Baltimore Ravens are comfortably at No. 1 with 47, but top three is definitely in reach for Indianapolis. Currently, the Miami Dolphins are third with 38 sacks on the year, just two more than Indianapolis.   As the Colts push for the playoffs, the pass rush will need to remain a factor. It’s not a coincidence that Indianapolis is riding a three-game winning streak at the same time the pass rush is dominating; the two are connected. In order to win in this league, especially late in the season, you have to be able to get after the quarterback. Indy is doing a good job of that right now
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