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I play salary cap FF..I tried to be sneaky but it backfired.

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I'm currently ranked 311 in the world, and leading my division by around 500 points..(I can choose any player for my QB, 2RB,2WR/TE and Team D...M original cap was 35 Million, but with performances, going into this week, I had it up to 38.19 mil


I took a flyer on Hoyer at 1.52 mil, so I could upgrade my other spots..(I got a whopping 43 points)..


I still have a good shot though to have a great week..return yards count and its PPR as well


QB Brees 12.01mil

QB Hoyer 1.52 mil......43 points

RB Sproles 7.06 mil

RB Bush 6.71 mil

WR/TE Welker 5.9 mil

WR/TE Blackmon 2.54 mil


Team D Colts 1.61 mil (up from 1 mil when i got them)


(Note these aren't the prices I acquired them for..prices go up and down each week...do..If I get Brees at say 10 mil..and now he's worth 12..I can sell him at 12 and make the 2 mil profit towards other layers, but I can't get him back at what I originally paid for,,,)


Las week I took 2 flyers..Bernard pierce who only got me 20 points..and Ryan Broyles who got me 0 and I still ended up with 2142 points and moved up appx 500 spots..so anyhting is possible..


last weeks team..


Cutler 275

Brees 639

Sproles 477

Welker 286

Colts D 445 points

Pierce 20

Broyles 0


I've been playing for 6 years now..and have never been worse that in the top 923 percentile out of thousands of players...I love this game..but I spend 20 bucks, so I can get 25 extra trades each year..You can win a prize for the top picks but chances of that are like hitting powerball..You don't have to buy new trades..but I do to stay competitive,,,Its something I really enjoy..


Here is the top 6 in my division


AmishRake Fight    311         $38.19M       7322.00 2 

dblockrock 977 $38.03M 6823.00 3 

BrassMonkeys 1168 $33.26M 6741.00 4 

wiljr623 1686 $38.09M 6537.00 5 

wicks333 1889 $38.89M 6458.00 6 

countryed 3472 $34.65M 5958.00 7 

bob4584 4097 $35.77M 5772.00



My goal this year is top 100...doubt if I'm going to make it..closest i ever got was 107


I'm not looking forward to next week..trying to get a good priced QB, now that Manuel is out..Might just have to pick up Matt Cassel...and pray i can keep the rest of this nucleus.

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