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Painter is looking good, just wish the defense would play like they did against the Steelers.

Enh sorta. He looked good on the first drive and then had the throw to Garcon. Other than that he's completed one pass thus far and that was the dump off to Addai on third and a mile when the Bucs were willing to trade the catch to get us off the field.

He hasn't done bad, but I wouldn't say he's looking good eiher, he had the fumble that he defense bailed him out on and has been hit or miss. He's done alright.

The Bucs are daring him to beat them though and at some point the Colts are going to have to throw the Bucs out of this blitz.

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That fumble wasn't his fault, Addai missed the block or that fumble wouldn't have happened.

Everyone was all over Collins would fumble like that (and I am not talking when he would fumble the snap that is clearly the QB's fault) Painter should be held to the same standard. You've got to hold on to the ball when you get hit. I'd dare say Manning has less fumbles in his career than Painter and Collins have combined this season.

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If Addai makes that block, that fumble doesn't happen. I agree he should hold on to the ball when hit, but he wasn't expecting to get hit, because like everybody else on here says Addai is a great blocker.

Still gotta hold on to the ball. That goes on the QB. I agree Addai missed the block and that made it a bad play, Painter fumbling the ball made it a horriable play.

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    • I don't accept your description that its trolling.  Trolling is intentionally saying something simply to stir the pot...to muck up the works.   If this got to a national level.... to a general football loving base, sports loving base, or general population, you don't know that the responses would be limited to just Colts fans.  You may have thousands of people who would see the Jeff hire as simply a rich white billionaire hiring is buddy over more qualified candidates.....maybe even minorities.....and would sign the petition to do voice their concerns over such .    Which would be a concern to them beyond caring how many Ws and Ls Jeff might cause.     If Jeff is hired, there will be questions from general football fans, sports fans, or the population asking "What does this hire say about the NFL?"   I'd wager that the possibility of Irsay hiring his "buddy over other candidates" already has grated on enough people to contribute to their existing opinion about whether or not Jeff should be hired.    And this is the type of emotion the media morphs into and taps into.  Effectively, the media trolls the population trying to get them all triggered up.   Besides.  Petitions by their nature are one sided.  10,000 signatures may sound like a lot, but it may be less than the 11,000 signatures that would support Jeff for HC if an actual poll was the medium used for fan expression.  Or less than the 150,000 opinions who are comfortable leaving it up to the owner to hire the HC he wants for the reasons he wants.  These opinions would never be known, because if you are comfortable leaving it up to the owner, you are the type of person who is not going to sign a petition in the first place.  Petitions are a form of activism, and most people aren't activists.  And most activists could care less if their opinion is in the minority, they just want their opinion to prevail.
    • If Ballard believed in Br that much he would have drafted him in R2at 53.  He was considered by some to be 1st R talent.  BR slid from where he was projected.  He was there and CB took him, but this certainly wasn’t the strategy .  We will wait until a projected 1st or 2nd rounder whom I really like slips to 77.    
    • I don’t watch ball but I’m curious why you think he’s gonna bust?  He produced pretty good for perennial cellar dwelling SEC team with a brutal schedule just looking at it in oveRview ,  especially his junior year.
    • I have this feeling about Richardson becoming a stud in the NFL, not backed up by any data, he just feels like someone who can compete in this age
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