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    • they’ve beaten everybody in the conference at the top except Boston who is the clear #1. They will make the playoffs, which isn’t the case for the colts, and again they have the most dynamic point guard (who could have been the all star mvp.) The entire concept was ticket sales, and the colts record this year wasn’t part of the conversation. It was if they made a management change that led to three consecutive 4 win season…   And yes Caitlyn Clark will have the same draw in the wnba that she does currently, which is sold out arenas everywhere she goes and people paying nfl ticket prices to see her. It will be a first, considering no one goes to wnba games. She’s going to change the game as we know it.    I wasn’t aware of the blackout rule change. It doesn’t change my opinion on people not spending disposable income (grocery bills were just reported to be the highest percentage of disposable income in decades) to watch bad games.  If anything it strengthens that argument. Why spend the money when you can watch it at home/turn it off at halftime? 
    • A key part of being a successful coach is play calling that includes protecting your most important player. AR’s season ended on a dumb call, especially since AR had already shown in his first couple games that he was anything but indestructible. Is Shane a good coach? No doubt he seems to be, but let’s see how he handles play calling this year. 9-8 will probably be our ceiling again unless AR plays most games. With the offense we saw for AR, I wouldn’t bet a dime that he will escape another season ending injury.
    • I read up until the colts and stopped. Seemed decent rankings until then. I for one think the Texans staff deserve a lot of credit for doing what they did with their roster. Most people felt the Colts roster was better than the 4th pick but the Texans were truly one of the worst teams in the league. They did a good job.  Colts do appear to have an outstanding head coach. I really like Shane and I’m guessing if AR can stay healthy we will see the team move up list like these
    • If the Colts aren't able to a top FA at CB then I wouldn't mind taking a flier on Xavien Howard to bring in a veteran presence to help mentor the younger guys while filling a need at outside CB. Also, Xavien will go back to playing man coverage which is something he excels in.
    • We need a couple more very good DBs. One at CB and safety. Honestly, every level of this defense needs a playmaker. It’s far from elite. 
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