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I have Tony Romo in two of my fantasy leagues, and I just don't like relying on one QB in the same league.

I have a trade that the other party is willing to do, my question is. Would you do it?

Tony Romo

Jason Witten


Matt Ryan

Brent Celek

Keep in mind that I have Julio Jones as my #1 WR, and I also have Vernon Davis as my primary TE.

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Ha, the 3-peat champion, I see!!! Good to talk FF with you again, SilentHill.

Here is the deal if you wait. If Matt Ryan stinks it up vs the Chiefs, you can up the asking price since Romo is not going to play again for another 10 days. You obviously feel that Romo's value is going to be as high as it has been but I feel you have already diversified with a QB and WR from different teams. By trading for Ryan, you put the eggs in the Falcons' basket and reduce the diversification.

I personally would not do it, I would at least wait it out till you see Matt Ryan vs a Romeo Crennel coached pass D and if Ryan does not do well, I would up the price and get more.

Can you answer mine (Sprole vs Fred Jackson)? - http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/topic/10316-sproles-or-fred-jackson-for-flex/

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