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  1. The Minn-GB ended in a tie. How is that counted in the predictions? Is it a win, loss, or just not counted? I know that last year one game ended in a tie, but don't remember how it was figured in the predictions.
  2. I actually predicted the Jets game correctly last week. That's the team I could never get right. It's going to be more difficult to predict wins now. There are going to be upsets as teams are going to step up to knock others out of the playoffs. it will be interesting to see who (if anyone) beats Kansas City first. I think it will be a team in their own division. it would be nice if Indy were the first team to do it, like with Seattle and Denver.
  3. I do football picks on yahoo and at first picked the Eagles because they played at home. Changed my pick at the last minute to Kansas City. I like that team and hope they continue to do well. I don't much care for the Eagles. Now I'm glad that I changed over. Got it correct.
  4. I don't think anyone chose the Jets to win. That team often messes up my weekly picks because I never know when they're going to win. Which side of the Jets is going to show up each week? I did pick Dallas to win. I figured that it was about time they beat the Giants at home.
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