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  1. second name is Antonio Cromartie? Yaj luctre
  2. Strange games today. I thought Jacksonville and Chicago were considered to be top defenses. What happened to them? 

  3. I'm not sure what to think about this season's "Blacklist." Red is great, as usual, but the show has gone way off with Liz going rogue. Something is bound to give; Liz can't keep this up without certain circumstances. I liked Tom, what am wondering if he is worth all the trouble. 

    1. southwest1


      Hey there TS, 


      Thanks for your views on "Blacklist". Out of respect for you, I need to checkout that show & give it another whirl. Perhaps, I was too hasty with my first look at it. 

  4. Buffalo is in the playoffs! They'll play Jacksonville next week. Congrats to the Bills! It's been awhile for them.
  5. Buffal34, if you didn't have the Buffalo avatar, I would think that you want the Patriots to win.
  6. I'm hoping Pittsburgh wins this game. because I'm tired of the Patriots always having #1 seed. Besides, I like watching Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown play, unless they're facing the Colts.
  7. I won't automatically assume the Packers will be in the playoffs until I see how Rodgers does. If he's not completely healed, it could be a factor. If he's back to his old self, great! But am proceeding with caution until I know more.
  8. The Saints don't play again until next Sunday, so maybe Kamara will have passed concussion protocol by then. I'm not sure what adjustments to make, but I have a question: how has Josh Gordon been doing since returning? He's been getting targets, but is he performing as expected? It's difficult to tell because the Browns aren't doing well as a team.
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