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  1. Did well in fantasy. I'll be cruising with Dalvin Cook in my weekly lineups. I don't expect him to get 200 yards every game, but he IS the Vikings offense. Keeping watch on Miami. If they continue like this, I will add Tua in some lineups. Maybe in a few weeks.
  2. Besides Indy winning, we need Nick Foles to have a good game. He should think that he's back in the playoffs, and dominate Tennessee.
  3. I should have been more specific: this is daily fantasy (fanduel) where I have a different roster each week. I have to stay under a designated salary cap, which is $60,000. High quality players cost a lot, so I have to be careful when I set my lineup.
  4. Tournament PPR league: I have Dalvin Cook as my #1 receiver this week. I noticed that Christian McCaffrey will return against KC, though. McCaffrey was a must start in my lineups until he got injured. Should I still keep Cook vs Detroit or replace him with McCaffrey? I can't afford both. Also, would McCaffrey have many snaps or share them with Davis since this is his first game back? Thanks.
  5. Players Surprise: Joe Burrow. I've watched the Bengals on Game Pass, and he is the real deal. Has made some rookie mistakes, but the talent is there. Disappointment: Cam Newton. He seemed to be a good fit in NE at first, but things just haven't worked out. Teams Surprise: Miami Dolphins. They have some talented players and the top defense in the NFL. Didn't see that coming. Disappointment: Dallas Cowboys. No words to describe how they've fallen.
  6. I just saw this post. I don't know if you already benched Elliott, but suggest you do so from now on. The Cowboys play the Steelers next week, and with Dak out, Elliott is not going to improve much. In fact, the whole team should be benched!
  7. Somehow I don't think that's much of an endorsement. Almost anyone is better than Gase.
  8. David Njoku maybe to Carolina. They could use a TE. Michael Gallup
  9. Haskins to Pittsburgh. John Ross
  10. I honestly don't know what I'd do about Lindsay; maybe someone else can help in that aspect. What QBs are available to replace Murray this week? Justin Herbert is doing well, and he faces Denver. That could be a good matchup, but I don't know who is out there. Joe Burrow has also been impressive, no matter the matchup . He seems to be the real deal.
  11. @ chad72, if you keep Phillip Lindsay, be sure to check on updates. He left the game last week and is under concussion protocol right now. It's not certain if he will be available week 8.
  12. I 'd take Carlos Dunlap, but on the fence about A.J. Green. He has had too many injuries in the past few years, and despite his talent, I can't trust that Green would stay healthy.
  13. Brady appears everywhere, even when he's not wanted.
  14. Don't feel too bad, so did I. Also have Stefon Diggs and he's not doing anything.
  15. I have Connor on one of fantasy lineups, so it's looking good. I thought about Derrick Henry, but didn't want to pay such a high price when he's facing the Steelers.
  16. Bruce Arians didn't want Antonio Brown, but he ended up with Tampa, anyway. Reports are saying that Tom Brady was pushing to sign Brown, so Arians gave in to Brady? Does Tom Brady have that much influence already? He only started with the new team this year, so it seems strange that he should be taking over like this.
  17. According to Adam Schefter, Joe Mixon will have surgery to remove small particle in his foot, and will miss at least two weeks. Bernard will take the snaps in place of Mixon week 7 and 8. If all goes well, Mixon should be back after the Bengals' bye week. If you can, hold on to the Chiefs' defense , especially when they face the Jets. Any defense facing the Jets should be good to go.
  18. It's early to predict the Super Bowl, but the Steelers look like they're headed to the playoffs. The Chiefs probably will make it, also. If both teams make it that far, I would like to see a Tampa-Chicago playoff, with Brady once again losing to Nick Foles.
  19. Antonio Brown wore out his welcome on three teams, so I won't consider this a good signing yet. I have to see how things work out in Tampa first. Brown is a talented player but not a great locker room presence. Maybe he'll settle down, maybe he'll continue with the same problems. Will be interesting to see how he fits in.
  20. Not a Steelers fan, but I hope they win this game. The Titans can't get too far ahead in our division.
  21. So far one of my bold predictions is proving to be right. Trubisky was benched for Foles ,but it remains to be seen how far Chicago will go.
  22. Aaron Rodgers is killing me in fantasy. No touchdowns, 3 interceptions, getting sacks. He was getting a lot of hype, so the day I have in my lineup, he plays badly. I think I found a gem in Chase Claypool, though. I didn't expect him to have a game like last week, but he is becoming an important weapon in the Steelers offense.
  23. The Ravens have been inconsistent. They almost let the Eagles come back to win. I'm more concerned about the Steelers. The Titans could give us a run for the money, also.
  24. This is sad. I'm going to miss the anti-Pro Bowl threads.
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