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  1. I read that Kansas City is 19 million over the salary cap, so they will have to make changes within the organization. A few top players will still be there, but the team will lose many to free agency. KC might not be as dominant a year or two from now. Also, other teams will eventually figure out the Chiefs' play calling and adjust accordingly.
  2. ESPN has been trying to get Peyton Manning as an analyst-no luck. They won't have any more success with Rivers, as he already has plans to coach HS football. Maybe people just don't like the way ESPN runs things. I saw that Greg Olsen is signing with FOX as an analyst. I liked him as guest commentator, so he will do a good job. Maybe he could replace Troy Aikman, who is dry and boring IMO.
  3. Why did Green Bay settle for a field goal instead of going for it on 4th? That call will probably come back to haunt them. Face it: the Football Gods like Tom Brady. Unless he offends them somehow, prepare to look for more of the same in the Super Bowl.
  4. If Tampa wins, another headline will be that Tom Brady is the first player in NFL history to play the Super Bowl in his home stadium. The media would go crazy with that news added to his many rings. Can't have it happen.
  5. I don't know about everyone, but I want Green Bay to win. If Tampa wins, the praise for Brady will be too much to handle.
  6. Why hasn't there been an official announcement by the Eagles if Sirianni is indeed their new HC? He's listed as reportedly being hired, but no word from the team. Maybe he hasn't signed the contract yet, or there is some glitch that hasn't been worked out. The situation seems kind of strange.
  7. I was hoping that Rivers would play another year. I'm glad that he had a good year with the Colts, and wishing him well in retirement.
  8. It helped that Brees threw three interceptions, and that Michael Thomas was held without a catch. The win was more on the defense than Brady. Aaron Rodgers had his worst game of the season when he faced the Bucs a few months ago. That was in Tampa, so he'll most likely do better playing at Lambeau.
  9. I like Tony Romo, but he was too excited about the Chiefs' winning. Maybe he likes Chad Henne or is a Chiefs fan. Now hoping New Orleans can take Brady and co. down.
  10. But you just did. BTW, why does anyone care about players' salaries? It's not like they're the ones paying out the money.
  11. I'd like it to happen just to see Texans fans reactions.
  12. How about "no"? I thought about it, and the answer is still "no."
  13. I'm OK if Herbert gets OROY. Just happy that Taylor is doing so well this year.
  14. I'll be watching the Steelers-Browns. The other early game is Cowboys-Giants.
  15. I'm a big DeShaun Watson fan this week. Now the Colts have to beat Jacksonville.
  16. I don't think you should generalize players. Chase Young, candidate for DROY, Nick and Joey Bosa, and WR Michael Thomas are all from Ohio State. look at what they've accomplished.
  17. Andy Reid said that there's a chance Chad Henne will start week 17 instead of Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs have nothing to play for, anyway. It would be strange if the Ravens were the only team who loses. The way this year has gone, though, I wouldn't be too shocked.
  18. Haskins is no longer with Washington, and Rivera mentioned that Alex Smith could be available. If Smith plays, IMO the team has a good chance to win. An Eagles fan I know would be OK with the Eagles losing Sunday. Since the team has been eliminated, it would mean a higher draft pick. Both the Rams and Cardinals are unpredictable. I have no idea how that game will go. Just because Goff might not play doesn't mean much. Look at the back up quarterbacks who have played well.
  19. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams ruled! That game made me feel a little better after the Colts loss. Well, that game along with some wine.
  20. In my weekly fantasy lineup, I originally had the Jets defense, but changed to the Colts defense instead. That was a mistake, as the Colts gave me zero points. Who knew that the Jets defense would have been better than the Colts? I did OK, though, because I had Justin Herbert as my QB, along with David Montgomery and also had Travis Kelce. The Bears' offense has taken off lately.
  21. @NFLfan, don't you know you're not suppose to like Aaron Rodgers. Being a Vikings fan, even if you like the way Rodgers plays, you don't admit it. This goes against everything the NFC North stands for.
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