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  1. I'm on the fence about JJ Watt. He would be a good addition, but his injuries concern me. It depends on the price and type of contract.
  2. This has been gotten out of hand. Must have been a slow news day for something as minor as this to be reported. It's a nothing burger. Move on.
  3. All this helps the Colts. The only team we have to worry about now is Tennessee.
  4. I'm not a Brady fan, but there is no denying what he has accomplished. Having an amazing defense helps. Todd Bowles should have received a special MVP award. Congrats to the Bucs for winning. I'm happy for Bruce Arians and Joe Haeg, who got a chance with Tampa. I think that his son's accident affected Andy Reid, so he wasn't concentrating on the game like he normally would. The referees called a lot of penalties, but many of them were legitimate. Also, on their website, Chiefs fans were getting a bit arrogant, thinking that another Super Bowl win was a given. Maybe this game took
  5. An Eagles fan I know doesn't think Wentz is the main problem; it was the coaching and front office. This guy also tends to be critical of his team's issues and calls things as he sees them. He thinks that Wentz could develop and bounce back with a new team in an less hostile environment. I'm not sure the Colts can work out a deal to acquire Wentz, but I would be willing to give him a chance if he would come to Indy.
  6. The Texans aren't going to trade Watson to a division rival. I would be shocked if they did.
  7. I read that Kansas City is 19 million over the salary cap, so they will have to make changes within the organization. A few top players will still be there, but the team will lose many to free agency. KC might not be as dominant a year or two from now. Also, other teams will eventually figure out the Chiefs' play calling and adjust accordingly.
  8. ESPN has been trying to get Peyton Manning as an analyst-no luck. They won't have any more success with Rivers, as he already has plans to coach HS football. Maybe people just don't like the way ESPN runs things. I saw that Greg Olsen is signing with FOX as an analyst. I liked him as guest commentator, so he will do a good job. Maybe he could replace Troy Aikman, who is dry and boring IMO.
  9. Why did Green Bay settle for a field goal instead of going for it on 4th? That call will probably come back to haunt them. Face it: the Football Gods like Tom Brady. Unless he offends them somehow, prepare to look for more of the same in the Super Bowl.
  10. If Tampa wins, another headline will be that Tom Brady is the first player in NFL history to play the Super Bowl in his home stadium. The media would go crazy with that news added to his many rings. Can't have it happen.
  11. I don't know about everyone, but I want Green Bay to win. If Tampa wins, the praise for Brady will be too much to handle.
  12. Why hasn't there been an official announcement by the Eagles if Sirianni is indeed their new HC? He's listed as reportedly being hired, but no word from the team. Maybe he hasn't signed the contract yet, or there is some glitch that hasn't been worked out. The situation seems kind of strange.
  13. I was hoping that Rivers would play another year. I'm glad that he had a good year with the Colts, and wishing him well in retirement.
  14. It helped that Brees threw three interceptions, and that Michael Thomas was held without a catch. The win was more on the defense than Brady. Aaron Rodgers had his worst game of the season when he faced the Bucs a few months ago. That was in Tampa, so he'll most likely do better playing at Lambeau.
  15. I like Tony Romo, but he was too excited about the Chiefs' winning. Maybe he likes Chad Henne or is a Chiefs fan. Now hoping New Orleans can take Brady and co. down.
  16. But you just did. BTW, why does anyone care about players' salaries? It's not like they're the ones paying out the money.
  17. I'd like it to happen just to see Texans fans reactions.
  18. How about "no"? I thought about it, and the answer is still "no."
  19. I'm OK if Herbert gets OROY. Just happy that Taylor is doing so well this year.
  20. I'll be watching the Steelers-Browns. The other early game is Cowboys-Giants.
  21. I'm a big DeShaun Watson fan this week. Now the Colts have to beat Jacksonville.
  22. I don't think you should generalize players. Chase Young, candidate for DROY, Nick and Joey Bosa, and WR Michael Thomas are all from Ohio State. look at what they've accomplished.
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