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  1. I know we have NFL General, but I propose a Patriots General Thread since there are so many Patriots fans here. That means you enter at your own risk of getting into arguments, and you only have yourself to blame for going there. This would help Moderators keep up on Everything Patriots. I was going to make this a thread, and still may depending on responses here. Thanks.

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    2. BrentMc11


      Thanks guys and gals...all good points. Bogie, you don't HAVE to miss it. You can jump right in. Like the Everything Trent, I just decided to stay away...it helped. Patriots General would do it too.

    3. Gramz


      Agree, Brent. Those who like to argue can feel free to jump right in. Those who don't will know to steer clear.

    4. Synthetic


      Imagine if we did this with the Broncos last year. Total isolation of conversations is a bad idea. NFL General is ALL NFL. Giving one team their specific subforum is a bad idea. If you did it for NE, you'd have to do it for all teams.

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