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  1. I am unable to post.  It will say saving after i click submit, but nothing happens.  It may be just on my end, but letting you know.

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    2. radiogirl


      site seems great today.  Not having any of those issues today.

    3. Narcosys



      Both times it was on my mobile phone, initially I tried to copy and paste a text from an article and the second time I was trying to paste a direct link.  I ended up posting the link by hitting the link button and then pasting it in. 

      It seems to only happen on my mobile phone.

    4. Narcosys


      Lol, sorry but heres another.  Clicking the "Home" Link at the upper left is returning a


      Sorry, there is a problem

      Cannot find the page you requested

      Error code: 2T187/2

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