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  1. Trade back only... need another year of 1st and 2nd round studs.
  2. I believe... that this is the draft that we protect our previously selected RD1 and RD2 picks with equally talented blue chip prospects. Cannot get enough OL depth... And if OT is BPA at that point I would find it difficult to pass on a guy like Wirfs... that being said, if a Brown DT or Jeudy WR were to fall...then i would be equally thrilled. I don’t think Ballard will bite of the QB bait... not his style. Might select one in the late second or third...but FA might be the better way to go this year. I think Ballard will stick with his MOD. A healthy WR unit and/or kicker... We were a 9-7
  3. I remember Ballard saying last year that the value for DT is round 3-4... I’d go with B but that Gallimore pick needs to be top OT on the board...IMO
  4. RD1#13: Brown DT, Wirfs OT, Epenesa DE, Delpit S or Gross-Matos DE...
  5. Depth... Braden to Guard... Glow to rotation... Wirf to RT.
  6. RD1: Tristan Wirfs IOWA OT RD2: Tyler Johnson MINN WR RD2: Jabari Zuniga UF OLB/EDGE RD3: Justin Madubuike TX AM DT RD4: Antoine Winfield Jr. MINN S BPA... Source: https://www.drafttek.com/m/2020-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp
  7. Trade our 1st and one of the second Round picks this year with one of the teams that will go QB this year... for a 2021 first round pick. Then draft for need (other than QB) this year with the other 2nd rounder (WR) and 3rd rounder (DT) this year. Complete this hail mary with the QB who everyone really wants... Trevor Lawrence QB 2021. Might only have to give up another 1st in 2022. Set for 10-12 years at QB.
  8. Sit entire O Line. Chad Kelly starts...elevate practice players...
  9. QB in FA... not in this years draft. 2021 draft... look for that guy.
  10. ~40% of QBs fail when drafted in the first 2-3 rounds... I read somewhere. If our DL, WR or Edge guy isn’t there at Pick ##... then I’m for trading back and gathering another 2nd rounder... To many holes... and we need to protect our previously drafted 1-2 rounders...with more talent. QB can wait until later in the draft or 2021... IMO
  11. 40% of QBs fail or something like that...more 1-2 Rounders to protect our other 1-2 round picks 1. DL 2. OL 3. DL 4. CB/S
  12. 1. Espenesa DL, Wirfs OT, Higgins, Lamb...WR 2. Ruggs III WR, Johnson WR, Bredeson G, Zuniga EDGE... 2. Lawrence DL, Smith WR, Harris RB, Williams...OC Guys I like... fills some holes...
  13. Would prefer trading back... Giving us 3 Seconds this year and 2 again next year... one more draft to go after depth. Plenty of prospects in round 2...
  14. I like the first rounder but I think the roster still needs more... Wouldn’t be surprised if we trade that pick again this year for a couple 2nd rounders... QB earlier than RD 3 is a reach IMO. Wouldn’t mind Higgins, Johnson or Ruggs III WR with that second rounder... nice mock.
  15. They were not HOF in their first couple years as starting QB... And their TEAMS roster contributed to their career success... much to early to give an opinion on Brissett...IMO. If we don’t panic on the QB bait... We could really see another year of stacking our team with talent. Agree to disagree as well. We’re a 7-4 maybe 8-3 team with a healthy Brissett this year...that’s very respectable
  16. There are NO great QBs in next years draft... Brissett is growing into the same QB as (Rothesburger, Eli Manning...) Picks are meant to stack this current team with talent for a guy like Brissett... 9-7 or 10-6 is a great year for a team that was predicted to be much worse. Another year of data before making that kind of statement. Cheers
  17. Peoples-Jones, Tyler or Colin Johnson all great opportunities...
  18. Neither. DL (Brown, Espinosa, Gross-Matos, ) or OL... (Wirfs, Thomas, Jackson, Throckmortin, Tego wanogho, etc...) 2nd round is where you get depth... wr Higgins, G Bredeson, OC Williams, DL Lawrence or Wilson... S Jones, McKinney... 3rd... Maybe QB... Fromm, Cb Hill, WR People’s-Jones... of course, trading back is working for Ballard as well... more depth.
  19. Trading out for 2 2nd rounders (2020 and 2021) sounds good to me.
  20. For the first time in my life I will say NO to a Taco.
  21. Looked like winning QB. Special Teams lost that game...
  22. If Brissett is 60% or greater completion... 2/1 TD to Int Or better... AND what we all have seen from CBs drafts... BPA...for that guy or trade back is most likely... ok with both. We looked playoff team good on Sunday.
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