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  1. Those two would probably be near the top of BPA on our board at 34 or 44... Houston gone after this year...Sheard status??? Would not mind it...WR depth stretches into the 4th/5th round this year
  2. And with the 34th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select...? (Select Position in Poll and Name of Player in comments OR Select Other for a Trade)
  3. I would appreciate Seattle’s willingness to make this trade... Colts: Trade picks 34 and 193 to Seattle for picks 59 and 64 573pts. To 580pts. Colts 2nd and 3rd round would then be... 44, 59, 64, 75...
  4. Marlon Davidson DE, Cam Akers RB, Damon Arnette CB, Cesar Ruiz OG/C, Josh Jones OT, Ezra Cleveland OT, etc...
  5. Would be funny if the call came in live...and one of those mortgage calls ended up coming through...
  6. Nice mock... might insert Peart in third and Bowden or Gandy golden in fourth
  7. Round 2a - #34 A Sims WR B Ruiz OC/G C Higgins WR Round 2b - #44 A Cleveland OT B Kmet TE C Shenault WR Round 3 - #75 A Elliott DT B Akers RB C Johnson WR Round 4 - #122 A Peart OT B Murchison DT C Gordon QB Round 5 - #160 A Gibson WR/RB B Coughlin Edge C Jones S Round 6a - #193 A James Morgan QB B Bartch OG C Bowden Jr WR Round6b - #197 A Williams DT B Muse S C Tuszka DE
  8. Might start thinking who we are taking at 44... I think Ballard going to trade this 34 pick for a later 2nd and a early to mid third rounder 44=TE, WR or top OL prospect...
  9. Higgins, Cleveland, Kmet/Claypool... would be a nice...1-2-3. RBs I like... Akers and Dillion. We really need to trade out of 34 and pick up another early 3rd rounder. I think we’ll get our weapons this draft.
  10. https://www.colts.com/news/rashard-higgins-charles-clay-vinny-curry-offseason-needs-post-free-agency
  11. I may have went top WR at 34 and a CB in the third... overall nice mock.
  12. old school blue but with the shoes on the sides would be cool...and the 50 yard line logo needs to change to a giant horse shoe... not that generic helmet...
  13. You asked for him... Ballard answered. XR on his way...
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