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  1. Arguing over a player that won’t be selected by our team before round 3... priceless. How the mighty have fallen...ha
  2. I don’t see Ballard reaching for anyone. Too much value in our picks.
  3. Good Information 17:30 to 20:40 in the video... I don’t disagree with your statement at all...
  4. 17:30-20:40 time frame in video... just stacking our depth like he mentions in the video. Houston’s only here for another year (Epenesa) Glow (Bredeson) Hilton (Jefferson) Mack (Akers) Doyle (Kmet) Rogers/Pascal (Dunvernay) etc...(Would love Brown...just don’t think he’ll be there)
  5. RD1: A.J. Epenesa DE Iowa RD2: Ben Bredeson OG Michigan RD2: Justin Jefferson WR LSU RD3: Cam Akers RB FSU RD4: Cole Kmet TE ND (Comp Pick?) Devin Dunvernay WR UT RD5: Jason Strowbridge DT UNC RD6: Alohi Gilman S ND RD7: Mustafa Johnson DT Colorado *Playmakers and bulldozers... Source: https://www.drafttek.com/m/2020-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp Dependent on; 1. Castonzo resigning. 2. FA: Starting DT...
  6. Completely agree. I think too many folks are looking at the QB side of things not to recognize the value of a solid DT or 3 that would take the burden/double teams etc off what I feel is the best LB group in the NFL (Leonard, Walker, Okereke). From a BPA standpoint... I do not see any QB aside from Burrow...that is going to list higher on our board than best DT, DE, OT (Castonzo decision) and WR... at 13 or 34... IMO. Cheers.
  7. Best case... 3 QBs are available at the thirteenth pick. We trade out... grab another 2nd and get our guy (Wirfs, Epenesa, Jeudy, Kinlaw, etc...) later in the first round. Now with three 2nd rounders...
  8. It was in one of these videos on the Colts Facebook channel... This one touches on DT around 5:45-6:15 minute mark but not the one I remember...
  9. It was either on his weekly video last year and/or on the Stamped Blue site... 100% positive he said 3rd/4th round is where he values DTs... I’ll search for it. https://www.stampedeblue.com
  10. I think there is an article / video where Ballard has said that the value of DT is in the third and fourth rounds... I believe he has also mentioned that the more DE/Edge the better...
  11. If the Colts are dedicated to the idea of a QB in the first round and we consider Frank Reich past success with a certain type of QB, Herbert was sure looking the part...
  12. The Castanzo decision will influence Colts board... Top OT if he retires would be preferred at 13 or 34...with the other selections rounding out the first two rounds being the top DT, DE or WR on our board. Aside from burrow, none of the QBs mentioned, from a BPA perspective, Have done anything to insert themselves in our top 4 Colt Picks. There are too many good/great prospects to choose from other than QB. 4th round... sure take a chance on a guy there. Was there a time line on the Castonzo decision?
  13. 1. Young DE 2. Burrow QB 3. Brown DT 4. Simmons OLB 5. Thomas, Wirfs, Willis, OT *Jeudy, Okudah, Lamb, Kinlaw could slit in depending on team needs...
  14. You have changed the narrative of my comment... and continue to create some sort of commentary that then feeds whatever position it is your trying to support...It is not pushing back to question media or making a comment Concerning their limited...second hand reporting. All other tangents you have listed above are of your own creation. Take care.
  15. Not sure how many good points you have listed there...1 (Southern California isn’t special...Money is just money...Family Time is key) but he will still get >90% of his mock draft wrong...(Even with all his contacts) like everyone else. You and me included.
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